Realistic expectations set you up for success

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Have you signed up for our new Weight Loss for Good program? If not, here’s a sneak peek of our crash course on setting expectations:
  1. Overall health comes first
    If your diet results in loss of muscle and bone mass, you’ll “lose weight” — weight you need! Pushing weight loss too far too fast by limiting essential nutrients or severely restricting calories is counterproductive. To stay healthy while losing fat, keep protein intake moderate, eat your veggies, and don’t fear dietary fat. Pay attention to your body’s response to your new diet. If you feel weak, hungry, cold, or exhausted, long after initial “keto flu,” you may need more protein, fat, or both.
  2. Enjoy yourself
    A diet that leaves you feeling miserable and deprived is a diet that you can’t sustain. If you feel you’re “missing out” on foods you enjoy, look for and experiment with low-carb recipes that satisfy your appetite, taste delicious and feel special. We have hundreds of them!
  3. Add muscle
    Fat loss will take its own sweet time. Meanwhile, you must build muscle. As you’ll see later this week, resistance training speeds up fat loss, and keeps muscles and bones in good health. And here’s a secret: fat with muscle underneath just looks better. Plus, gaining physical strength boosts your confidence and “inner” strength, helping you in the journey ahead.

Your weight loss journey will be your own. Setting realistic expectations and enjoying the process are essential to long-term success.

Learn more in our guide, Setting realistic expectations.

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