1. Travis Estrella
    Considering there is still a stock photography watermark on the "stamp" I would say, no - it isn't real. The bag of sugar is real - the stamp isn't.
  2. Someguy
    "No Sugar Added" is factual, they didnt add any sugar to the juice. But Sugar free sugar? confusing.
  3. Amy in Florida
    I shop at Publix and I have bought that exact bag of sugar and it does not say "sugar free" on it!
  4. Karin
    Wrong stamp. Should have been "FATFREE" ;-)
  5. murray
    Ceci n'est pas une pipe

    (It is not sugar, it is a bag.)

  6. Alex D
    *** Bad language have been removed in this post /Moderator ***
    This picture hashows not been doctored and I can say that on account that 1. Its literally my occupation to deal with photography photoshop and doctored photos. 2. I have been to Walmart and literally seen this sugar before. Lastly, don't believe me? Look at the top right corner of the "sugar free" blue box, if that were an added label overlaying the original picture, the blue shadow of the sugar bowl picture would not be there. .
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  7. Cantstopthemad
    Alex.. while you might work in the photo altering industry. I can tell you likely did not buy a Publix brand bag of sugar at Walmart.. since Publix is its own grocery chair.. and currently feuding with Walmart. I highly doubt Walmart buys from them. now the two stores might buy from a third party that puts Publix on one bag and Walmart on another... though.. what more than likely happened is the wrong label got put on a batch of sugar and it is, in fact, a real bag, just a mistake.
  8. Jonathan bryant
    Alex D I have work in an industry that uses ink and printing, and I can say that 100% you can! Get the shadow effect like on the bag, I am not however saying the picture is real, but I am saying is that you are incorrect in your statement.
  9. Apicius
    Wow. Nice attitude Alex D. Beginning the year with angry rants? Awww.
    Eat some bacon, or full fat cheese, and butter. It'll cheer you up. Smile.
  10. Edward
    Alex, you're "literally" not very good at your job. Making and posting memes on 4chan from your mom's basement doesn't count as an "occupation to deal with photography photoshop and doctored photos" (Pro Tip: when someone gives a vague description of their job that makes no sense and doesn't include any real information, such as a job title or industry, it's because it's not real and you're on the internet, where everyone is an astronaut)
  11. Tim
    Alex, do you see a lot of other Publix grocery store products at Walmart too?


    Such an angry liar.

  12. Sandra
    Leave Alex alone. He's just angry his photo was called out
  13. Alex D
    Wow ... This guy .-. Named Alex D ... I have the same name ... Ish ... My name is Alex D (something) it's weird .-.
  14. Youruncle
    I went to a publix in FL, found the bag, and yes it was like this, all of them, told the manager and he was laughing at it
  15. rudraid
    free bag of sugar :)
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  17. Mismis
    It isn’t real... if you look closely at the “stamp” you can see the faint Shutterstock watermark on it lol!
  18. adrianna
    im confused
  19. Matt
    Hi, I just realized there was this article. Just like to clarify that the photo is not fake. I was the one who actually took the photo and posted on my instagram back in 2013. This is real and the sugar came from my aunt in the US. Was just surprised that the source of the photo was not cited, and is even claimed that the photo was fake.

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