The quest for sugar substitutes


Consumers are turning away from sugar, as increasing amounts of evidence is pointing it out as the culprit in type 2 diabetes and obesity.

And as a response, food corporations are on a quest for sweet substitutes:

Some are testing out natural zero-calorie ingredients like monkfruit and South American root extracts that are so intensely sweet that they can add flavor without calories. Others are manipulating granules of sugar to make them taste sweeter. They’re also developing new ingredients that will block bitter taste receptors and make food seem like it has more sugar than it does.

The Wall Street Journal: The search for sugar substitutes


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  1. Karen Roberts
    No, sweeteners are worse. We want food with neither in, the kind of food that fuels the body & keeps it healthy. Sweeteners cause obesity also....But also is why so many people are sicker than they should be..

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