How to eat like a queen

Queen Elizabeth II of England turns 90 in a couple of days, and still seems to be going strong. So what’s her secret? Perhaps it’s high-quality food.

It seems like the Queen of England is a low carber:

The Queen’s daily diet is mainly carbohydrate-free, consisting of grilled meat – usually chicken – or fish (she loves sole), served with two vegetables or a bowl of salad. Fruit follows. She is not keen on wine, but finishes the day with a Dubonnet and gin cocktail.

The Telegraph: The Queen’s Favourite Food: Chocolate, sole, and Dubonnet – but No Carbs

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  1. Hugh
    I'm struck by how almost all of the Queen's recipes accompanying the linked article might easily be adapted for a fairly strict low carb diet. Even the desserts. I might try the sole, asparagus, and fruit jelly. Sounds like a perfect spring meal.

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