Putin slams Big Pharma and fast food companies – is he right?


It’s not often that a power-hungry dictator is partly right about what’s good for the people in his country. But Putin may be on to something here:

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes the pharmaceutical industry and big food corporations are threatening the lives of Russia’s citizens…

According to the report, Putin believes that “we as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.

Australian National Review: Putin Slams Big Pharma and GMO Foods

The good and the bad

I have a few objections. I believe most commonly used vaccinations have far fewer side effects than the often terrible diseases they protect against. And I don’t think new genes are dangerous per se, it’s more a question of what the result is on the food. Changing the properties of our food can become a problem.

When it comes to overmedication based on distorted “science” from the very companies that sell the drugs this dictator is quite right though.

We are poisoning a large part of the Western population.

Just one single example: ten percent of the US population is on antidepressants (SSRIs), addictive brain drugs of doubtful benefit that are often very hard to get off. As they do not even help with normal depressions – the most common use – it is safe to say they are wildly overprescribed.

When it comes to poisoning by the fast food industry, just look at the majority of the population in Western countries being obese or overweight. Obviously the majority of the population did not suddenly decide to become lazy gluttons, nor did we all mutate, so this is an environmental problem. It is ultimately caused by our food environment, i.e. the food industry as well as non-helpful or even harmful government and expert guidance.

Perhaps it takes an outsider to see the obvious problems in our society.


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  1. Якунин Сергей
    Stay out of politics, please.
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  2. Pierre
    I agree with you.

    This is very insulting : "power-hungry dictator"

    Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, you are a victim of the propaganda of western media.


  3. Paul
    Politicians can be trusted to say exactly what benefits them most at any given moment. Any convergence with reality or fact is just random coincidence.
  4. Jeff C
    "I have a few objections. I believe most commonly used vaccinations have far fewer side effects than the often terrible diseases they protect against."

    "Terrible" diseases such as the flu? What about chicken pox (varicella) which has virtually no morbidity or mortality in children and confers life-long immunity? Mumps and Rubella are also virtually harmless in children. I ought to know, I had all of them before vaccinations for them were developed or common, as did my siblings and childhood friends. Getting these diseases as an adolescent or adult can be problematic, but that's an argument for selective vaccination of susceptible populations, not universal vaccination of infants and toddlers.

    Vaccines are manufactured by the exact same companies that crank out statins, SSRIs, proton pump inhibitors and the like. The business model is identical; increase sales through data manipulation, corrupting medical institutions, misleading advertising, and fear mongering. Unique to vaccines, these same companies lobby legislatures to require mandatory uptake of their product, since everyone knows they are "life-saving". (Sort of like everyone knows fat is bad and whole grains are healthy.)

    There certainly are some vaccines that appear warranted and where benefits outweigh the risks, but the list is short. It certainly does not require the 49 vaccine doses prior to starting kindergarten as called out in the US vaccine schedule.

    Gotta go with Putin on this one.

  5. tz
    Vaccines are not unlike statins, often worse.
    First they contain preservatives like Thimerasol (Mercury) or Aluminum that in other contexts would be considered extremely toxic - what do you do if you break a Compact Florescent Light? Evacuate the room because of the mercury vapor?
    Then they give 24 doses with all this toxic junk to newborns.
    It is one thing to give a single dose against a dread disease to a healthy child or adult, another thing entirely to treat them like livestock by giving them a toxic cocktail and either they will die, be injured, or end up with some resistance
    In the USA, there is NO LIABILITY, no day in court except a government kangaroo court with a trivial payout if your child or you are injured by a vaccine.
    There are very few diseases - this is 2016, not 1916 - that are fatal with modern medicine and care even if they are contracted. Before vaccines, many diseases like measles were just part of Childhood. And vaccines have not evolved while the diseases have, so many are ineffective - all risk, no reward.
    If you are going to a foreign country without sanitation (or otherwise dealing with such diseases), or the disease is serious and an epidemic is happening, then maybe. Smallpox has been eliminated. Should we give vaccines for STDs to those who don't engage in sex outside of marriage?
    Some diseases kill one in a million, while the vaccines with all the preservatives, adjuvants, and other crap they put in it kill one in a hundred thousand. How is that a gain?
    Is your body yours or the Governments?
  6. tony
    Putin a dictator?

    He was elected by the Russian people.

    Aren't you a dictator since nobody elected you to lead LCHF?

  7. Lori Miller
    Do the anti-vaxxers here have any evidence to back up their claims? The study that was supposed to show vaccinations causing autism was found to be fraudulent.

    People can and do die of measles, pneumonia and the flu, and the care for these diseases might include a stay in the hospital. Do you think people who come down with illnesses they could have been vaccinated against will end up getting quite a bit of medication--as well as bad food and exposure to other diseases--at the hospital?

  8. Jeff C
    @Lori Miller

    "Anti-vaxxer"? When the argument is weak, the unfounded name calling starts in force. Okay, I'll give a try, "pharma shill".

    The point was that vaccines are an invasive medical procedure that entails risk. Like any other medical procedure, and individual risk vs. benefit assessment is warranted. Does it happen? Of course not. Childhood vaccination is universal without any consideration of the child's medical history, past vaccine reactions, autoimmunity, family history, nutritional status, disease risk or likelihood exposure. Sounds an awful lot like the ridiculous statin guidelines to me.

    People like Lori routinely call those of us that don't blindly follow this "expert" medical advice names. I suspect her livelihood depends on people taking these shots, either a pediatrician, nurse, or a public health employee. Many in these professions highly resent having to explain to concerned parents why they need to treat their infants like pin cushions. (Not to mention the shots make money for the practice.) They like the good old days when parents unquestionably followed "doctors orders". Of course forty years ago the US vaccine schedule was only a third of what it is now.

    The medical industry has lost the public trust and have only themselves to blame.

  9. Robert M
    Good on you Jeff C. I fully agree with your statements.

    Anti-vaxxer - the term has the same mental effect as all the "denier" suffixed terms that are used today. It's at least a lazy way to make a point, but most likely it is stupidity, a lack of critical thinking ability, and pure greed that drives it.

    A thoughtful person never relies using pre-packaged terms. Lori Miller, of course there is data supporting their danger. Also, there are countless anecdotal sources of evidence. You know - real parents reporting on the illness or death of their children. You might not like this latter term (anecdotal evidence), but a mind with sound reasoning will have to take this into consideration when the sheer number of cases is so large. Here are some basic questions : are children and adults more healthy, or less healthy than a few generations ago? Do people have more or fewer allergies than previous generations? What about asthma? What about autism? These illnesses were virtually unknown previously. I would say their cause is environmental. And what is the most effective way to have the environment affect an organism? By direct injection of chemicals into the blood. Very much like a snake bite. Do you see the connection? Will a rattle snake bite make one immune from further snake bites? The answer is no. Drop your preconceptions and deferral to authority and think for yourself.

    Some further reading on the topic of childhood disease and vaccines will show you that many such diseases were virtually eliminated through nutrition and hygiene, prior to mandatory vaccination.

    The medical industry is certainly corrupt and self-serving. Why trust anything they say?

  10. David Foster
    On the subject of vaccinations: I live with a woman who was left permanently disabled by a well-documented side effect of the Hepatitis B vaccine. So well documented, in fact, that they make you sign a waiver before getting it (you know, in case you decide to sue).

    On the subject of Putin being a "power-hungry dictator": I thought that was the DEFINITION of authority?

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