Public Health Collaboration conference 2018 in London


Are you interested in keto or low carb, and have your ways around London on the 19-20th of May 2018? Then you can attend the Public Health Collaboration UK’s annual conference.

The conference will feature highly interesting speakers, which you can see in the picture above.

Book tickets and read more here:

PHCUK: Public Health Collaboration annual conference 2018 Royal College of General Practitioners, London

Videos with the speakers


  1. bill
    Charlotte Summers might want to proofread her
    bio on the website her picture links to.
  2. Jennifer
    It sounds great but very expensive.
  3. Nina
    Does anybody know if they will do a livestream? Just like the one we just had at Breckenridge 2018. It was so good! They could get lots of people from all over the world and some extra money too! Thanks and regards

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