Professor Tim Noakes reported by Association for Dietitians – show your support

It has happened again. Professor Tim Noakes – perhaps the world’s foremost advocates for LCHF for obesity and diabetes – has been reported by the Association for Dietitians in his country.

Support is now pouring out through social media from all the people that have been helped by Noakes’ advice. A petition was started a day ago and is rapidly growing towards 7,500 signatures. Consider showing your support too – it only takes half a minute:

Support Prof Tim Noakes in his quest to improve eating guidelines

Professor Tim Noakes has in recent years become one of the world’s foremost advocate for updated sensible dietary advice. After he developed type 2 diabetes himself, he completely reconsidered his previous recommendation on starchy foods.

He now recommends some carbohydrate restriction for most people, and an LCHF diet for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes or similar conditions.

In his native South Africa, where Professor Noakes is hugely popular, LCHF has become very big in recent years thanks to him. His book has topped all sales charts for months (Professor Noakes donates all of his income from book sales to charity). Noakes was also a co-organizer for the world’s biggest LCHF conference in February.

Now Professor Noakes has encountered problems. A tweet from him a few weeks ago was apparently so upsetting for some people that the association of dietetics has filed a complaint against him with the Department of Health. Noakes replied to a question from a mother that it was good to let children eat foods low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and with high nutritional content (which seems quite reasonable to me). It will now be investigated by the Department of Health if this made Professor Noakes guilty of “shameful behavior on social media.”

Support is pouring out on Twitter under the hashtag #WeSupportProfessorTimNoakes (there are a huge number of success stories to read here). And now a petition has been started. In the first 24 hours it passed 3,000 signatures and now on the second day it already passed 6,000. Let’s show our support too for Professor Noakes in his fight and push the petition forward. Sign here, it only takes half a minute:

Support Prof Tim Noakes in his quest to improve eating guidelines

Please share this link with others. How quickly can we reach 7,500?


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  1. Charndra in Australia
    I signed this petition as LCHF is based on scientific research , not out of date flawed suppositions from decades ago, that have failed so many people (low fat diets), causing this obesity and diabetes epidemic in so many of us who are insulin resistant / carbohydrate intolerant , like myself. I had gestational diabetes twice , and now combining LCHF Ketogenic eating with intermittent fasting to 'burn' down my insulin levels , i know to all-but-inevitable diabetes I was heading for following the recommended dietary guidelines , is not going to happen ... this is a huge relief .
  2. Dorian
    Hello,, another post from Australia.. I signed this petition simply because its good advice that actually dose work. Having type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and CVD, all,,,, and i mean ALL my numbers have improved since adopting this way of eating. I would really like to know when the FDA, Big Pharma, and the Medical Association and most of all Governments will be held accountable for all their "wrong advice" which has proven to cut short the lives of millions of people due to their blatant lies. "Wrong advice" is a poor choice of words,,, i mean lies,, which is also BIG business!!!

    Governments really do need to think about as it wont be too far away that someone somewhere will eventually take legal action and then they will realize their mistake.
    One day the avalanche will start.
    Cheers to all.

  3. dave
    And now it turns out the woman who has started this, consults for Kellogs. Not suspect at all.
  4. Rolle
    Hey dave!

    Could you develop that statement?


  5. Sam
    Rolle, I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in South Africa Kellogs is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of grain-based breakfast cereals and other grain-based products (health-bars loaded with sugar, for one!).
    Reply: #6
  6. Rolle
    Sam: Thanks, but I wondered what the connection between Kellogs and Karin T. are and how.
    Would be good to know for the credibility of the one that started the quest.


  7. Dina
    Having met Karen T and knowing her story it seems very odd that she should have anything to do with Kellogg's, part from maybe telling them how bad their products are.
    Can you please elaborate on the connection you claim?
    Reply: #8
  8. RS
    I guess he mean ADSA president Claire Julsing Strydom who made the charge against Noakes.
    "Kellogg’s doesn’t just sponsor ADSA, it has staff on ADSA’s executive committee"
    Reply: #9
  9. Dina
    Thanks RS! That clarifies matters.
  10. Leopold Roos
    Woho passed 10 000!
  11. Ivalotta
    Keep those signatures coming - almost 11,900 now
  12. Brian Baker
    Type 2 diabetes since 1994 living in the UK. Since that date I have had difficulty in maintaining good blood glucose control for any length of time. I am not overweight but have gone up to 14st 7lb. 6ft 1". Tall Ended up on 32 units Lantus once daily and 3x 10 units daily Novorapid plus 3 x 500mg Metformin daily.
    In January of this year I discovered LCHF and have studied at length various Professor Noakes papers on the subject! What a refreshing approach, what a tonic and maybe what a lifesaver.Thanks to professor Noakes And LCHF I am now down to a constant 13st weight
    My medication is now 12 units Lantus daily. No Novorapid and just 2 x 500 mg Metformin. Glucose readings between 5 and 7 mmol at various testing times.
    My full support goes to this man for his honesty and integrity
  13. Lisa B
    I signed this and shared it all over my Facebook groups.
  14. Debra F
    LCHF is the way to go. I love the new, healthy me.
  15. Marilize DP
    Please sign the petition it is the only way the world is going to become aware of how incorrect the current world dietary guidelines are!
  16. Marianne C
    People-power is the only way that We The People can stand up against the devious, underhanded, arrogant, self-centred, irresponsible, money-grabbing power of Big Businesses. THEY have no interest in long-term benefits, for as someone has rightly poited out, "There's no money to be made from GOOD health!"
  17. Sylvia King
    I have been living in USA for 20 years now. When I first arrived I noticed how sweet all their food was. The cereals, bread, sausage, beef jerky (biltong) and yogurt was all sickeningly sweet. For the first time in my life I developed very bad hypoglycemia. The Americans are taught to follow a low fat, high carb diet, with tons of added sugar. My cholesterol was dreadful and my health deteriorated.
    I read 3 books that changed my life. Eat Fat Lose Fat by Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon, Gaps gut and Psychology syndrome by Dr. Natasha McBride and later on Tim Noakes book, which my sister sent me.
    I keto adapted for 6 months and then settled into a moderate low carb ( 90 grams of carb per day - 30 grams per meal), medium fat diet.
    Instead of Pasta and bread I eat a large variety of non starchy vegetables and smaller amounts of starchy veg such as peas and butternut squash etc. If a food is processed I do not eat it.
    I do not suffer from hypoglycemia anymore and my cholesterol has greatly changed for the better.
    My own blood work proves that eating butter, eggs, sodium nitrate free bacon, avocado, coconut oil, lard etc IS HEALTHY. It is sugar and excess refined carbohydrates that are the problem for many.
    My husband is an Architect and he is constantly upgrading and learning new information as technology changes. It is part of his job to keep up to date.
    All nutritionists should be doing the same. They need to alter their recommendations as nutritional science proves or disproves facts they were taught, especially if they are 20 years out of date.
    Anyone who is STILL eating a bowl of highly refined sugary cereal with fat free milk for breakfast and still thinks that this is healthy real food needs to WAKE THE HELL UP.

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