Professor Noakes about the Twitter trial and challenging dogma

Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes

Here’s a must-read – an interview with Professor Tim Noakes about the “nutrition trial of the century” he’s in, and what it’s like standing up against the nutritional establishment:

CrossFit the Journal: Tim Noakes: Nutritional Fascism and the “Twitter Trial”

They’re doing whatever they can to really damage his reputation. But I think anyone with any objectivity can see what’s going on here. We have the science to back him up.
– Dr. Aseem Malhotra


Big Food Vs. Professor Noakes: The Final Crusade

The Silencing of a Low-Carb Rebel

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  1. bill
    Very good article.
  2. Kurt
    It just infuriates me the way Professor Noakes has been thrown under the bus.
  3. RT
    Nutritional fascism. That's a good way of putting it. The people persecuting Noakes should be ashamed to even call themselves healthcare practicioners. They're the ones who should be losing their licenses.
  4. Margaret
    Professor Noakes is right on! I support him completely and am new at this but very interested in the gross obesity as I look around me at our society. I have a bit of medical background and family diabetes , both type 1 & 2, and so have a greater desire to learn more. Do not give up your great work and thank you for having a strong conscience. I will continue to follow you.
  5. JaneC LCHF newbie
    Excellent article and 'nutritional fascism' is such a good description of what is going,on. I thought the purpose of science was to investigate, test, publish, debate, change, advocate, adjust!

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