Professor Noakes found innocent (again)! The trial is finally over

The trial of Professor Tim Noakes is finally completely over, and he has been definitely found innocent.

Professor Noakes was first acquitted in April 2017, but that decision was appealed. This appeal has now been dismissed, finally ending the four-years long trial.

Tim Noakes is a true hero for standing up and fighting this all the way, for years. Like earlier trials of low-carb doctors, like Dr. Annika Dahlqvist in Sweden (also fully acquitted back in 2008), it shows that there is solid scientific support for recommending low-carb diets. If that support has to be investigated or tested in court it holds up.

Hopefully this trial and the hard work put in by Professor Noakes and his team will result in many more doctors around the world feeling confident enough to promote low carb as a safe and effective treatment for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Read more about the end of the Noakes trial here:

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  1. Alasdair
    Excellent news.
  2. Elizabeth Finch
    Congratulations Professor Tim Noakes and all the people who believe and support you. Thank you for your courage, determination and your belief in truth. Truth will always win!
    What a success for not just South Africa, but for the world!

    Now Gary Fettke MD of Australia needs to be exonerated!

  3. Sherry
    I am so happy for you that this is finally over! Thank you for fighting the good fight!
  4. Kathy Voss
    Best news ever. Dr Tim Noakes has finally been exonerated if any wrong doing. It should never have gone to trial in the first place. As Dr Noakes said in his book “follow the money trail”. Who was behind his persecution begs the question. So happy for him
  5. Elisabeth
  6. Susan
    Yay! God Bless.
  7. RT
    The unscrupulous people who prosecuted Professor Noakes should be held to account for wasting a huge amount of public revenue based on the the ludicrous accusations against him. Maybe I'm being a bit vindictive, but the hell that he and his family must have gone through, and over nothing! There was never any tenable evidence of any wrongdoing, medical or legal. Moreover, there is email evidence that the whole thing was a setup from the beginning ("We have plans for Noakes" etc.) ; the tweet was merely a pretext.

    They were deliberately trying to suppress nutritional and medical knowledge that has helped - and can continue to help - countless people. Disgusting and completely immoral. How many diabetics have needlessly gotten their limbs amputated, or gone blind, following their ill-conceived advice? Then when someone dares challenge that advice, with better evidence, they try to destroy his life.

    I hope someone who was involved in the persecution of Noakes reads this:
    The utter contempt I have for you cannot be expressed in words, and I'm very sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. You are nothing more than self-serving, state-sanctioned quacks who put your own advantages and positions above freedom of expression, scientific truth, and most importantly the human health which you hypocritically claim to work toward. You lost, and you absolutely deserved it.

  8. Jenny
    I am so glad that Dr Noakes has finally been exonerated. Terrific news and truth prevails.
  9. Debby
    Congratulations Dr. Noakes! You fought a good fight with truth and proof. Thank you for fighting the good fight.
  10. Kristin
    Is there an ongoing process in Sweden to change official dietary recommendations? When i was pregnant with my daughter (in 2016) i explained to my midwife that i had been eating a LCHF diet (and at times for sports performance a ketogenic one). She said that she too ate a LCHF diet and also had many mothers to be who did and did very well on it. Also some who had treated (successfully) pregnancy induceddiabetes with it. BUT - she was not under current guidelines allowed to recommend a LCHF diet.

    Are we not today in a position where this should change? Is anyone in Sweden driving the process to change this?

  11. Kathleen
    Wonderful news.
  12. Carol
    The best news ever.!!!!! Thank you to Prof Noakes, Marika and all concerned. I propose that each Diet Dr member makes an extra membership payment to a private Prof Noakes fund so that he can decide what he wants to legal bills, mount a counter claim. Because without a fight like his our cause would be much less advanced.
  13. Daniel
    Of course it had to end in happiness, it would be insane if had it had gone the opposite way ! Congratulations Professor Tim Noakes ???
  14. Antoinette
    Dear Dr. Noakes,

    By perservering these last four years, you have brought to light the determination by Big Food to keep us buying their products at the cost of our world health, world economy, and our very lives.

    You have actually turned their efforts against them, quite publically, and I hope it sets a precedent worldwide.

    The message is this: The world is changing, and Big Food should spend their money on re-tooling, rather than on marketing propaganda and lies. Denial is not a good business model!

    Thanks, on behalf of all of us who are trying to find the truth for our health and our world!

  15. Jan
    Congratulations Dr Noakes, Legal Team, Marika, Nina, Zoe and Supporters,

    We need to fight the good fight for Gary Fettke here in Australia.

    I support Gary Fettke and believe in his message.

    Once you see the benefits of LCHF you can never unsee them

  16. Tiffanee
    Well done Dr. Noakes and team! Hoping that this will create the benchmark for Gary Fettke as well!

    This news gives me hope as an upcoming Nurse Practitioner, that I won't have to worry about litigation as the medical care of my patients will include prescribing LCHF for them all!

  17. Carol
    Good for you Tiffanee. Look on PHC YouTube channel for how Dr Joanne McCormack and Dr David Unwin are approaching it in mainstream practice in UK. Very encouraging.
  18. Maureen Wolfaard
    You have my Testimony Dr Noakes regarding a complete recovery of RA due to your LCHF diet for which I have thanked you and still appreciated all your efforts daily.
    The damage done to my knees with both OA and RA forced me to have a knee replacement at the end of 2015. Pain has now brought about an Aspiration done in theater to determine what bug is in the knee. ENTEROCOCCOUS found being treated with Penisiiien. Not the best option however I cannot have the knee replaced again.
    My question is what is this treatment going to do to my microbiome which I have taken such good care of?
    I am desperate here for an answer PLEASE.
  19. Bjørn
    Congratulations, we have the same problem with our health organisation here in Norway, and Norway is normally a very advanced country, but not in this respect.
  20. carol
    I am crying tears of joy. I so care for this dear Dr. Noakes. His strength and integrity has been an inspiration to my life
    and his science has changed lives of so many people I love! Blessings on your life dearest Dr. Noakes. I wish to donate to help support (n I guess at Noakes foundation, does anyone know????)whatever you wish to do and to help pay for the loss of your wages and for the costs you were meant to endure. Thanks you so much for being so strong and I truly wish there was a way to compensate you for what you have done for , well, for the world !!!! Blessings on your journey. The waiting is over for this horrible event to finish, I cry in joy and gratitude

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