The process behind the dietary guidelines is broken, says National Academies of Medicine

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How is it possible that official dietary guidelines still promote an obsolete low-fat diet, despite the lack of scientific support? Here’s one possible answer.

The process behind the dietary guidelines is faulty at its core and needs to change, says a new report by the National Academies of Medicine. The Nutrition Coalition completely agrees in a comment:

I sincerely hope that as a country this report will put us on a path towards science-based and effective guidelines that help, not hurt, our overall well-being.

I find my patients get healthier — lose weight and even reverse their diabetes — by doing what the current science says, which is the complete opposite of what the Guidelines tell them. It’s obvious to me, as a practitioner, that these Guidelines do not reflect the best and most current science.
– Dr. Sarah Hallberg, executive director of the Nutrition Coalition


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  1. Cassieoz
    This review of the DGA has HUGE implications but I admit to being cynical about whether there will be any material change given the weight of reputational, commercial and political interests to the contrary. I'd like to think this might be a turning point, but we need a louder fandare, wide coverage in the popular media and a (loud) groundswell of popular/grassroots support to stop it being burried. Because it WILL be buried.
  2. Cindy C

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