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You can now pre-order the inspirational book Keto Living Day by Day, written by our Kristie Sullivan. It’s a #1 new release in the super-hot keto diet category on Amazon.

In her new book, Keto Living Day by Day, Kristie Sullivan brings you along on her inspiring journey to health and happiness through adopting a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle. She shares the failures she experienced when using today’s overly prescribed high-carb, low-fat (and also sugar-laden) diets and details how the ketogenic diet helped her lose more than 100 pounds!

Amazon: Keto Living Day by Day

Make sure to check out our videos with Kristie below, as well as some of her posts.

Videos with Kristie


Too good to be true

A new place to live


  1. Do
    I already ordered it and her other book too. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you Kristie Sullivan!!
  2. Steve
    Discount for diet doctor members?

    Also will the ingredients be in g and ml rather than just American measurements?

  3. Sheila
    Yes, I’m interested to know if weight and measure is metric which would be much preferred rather trying to convert from imperial all the time ...

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