Most popular UK diets in 2016: Low sugar and low carb

A new UK survey of 2,000 people finds that the most popular diet this year is a low sugar diet, with low carb in the second place and intermittent fasting as number four. Apparently Brits are pretty smart.

The London Economic: A low sugar diet is most popular for 2016 shows new study

The survey shows something else interesting:

To diet or not to diet

29% say they are currently on a diet, while 30% claim they’ve never been on one.

I know they mean that they’ve never tried to lose weight, or something like that. But it still sounds weird to me.

Here’s the thing: Everybody eats, and a diet is just a way of eating. So if you look at it like that everyone is on a diet, every day. The only difference is whether people care about what they eat or not.

Not being on a diet could also mean that people don’t really care too much about what they eat. It could mean eating whatever is easily available and tasty, or possibly even whatever is placed in front of you.

The problem should be obvious. We’re living in a society where it’s absolutely normal to become obese and diabetic and sick, even early in life, because of commonly available foods. Not caring about what you eat in a society like this, just eating whatever is available, is like playing Russian roulette.

A low-sugar or low-carb diet, the most popular diets in the UK, can likely improve the odds considerably for a healthy, happy life. And who does not want that?

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  1. roy
    To respond that one is not on a diet simply means that one is not trying to lose weight.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, you're right of course. It just still sounds weird to me.
  3. Dan
    At a time when I would have responded "I'm not on a diet" I made no conscious decision about what I ate, beyond what sugary treat my tongue fancied that day. Now I'm on a strict diet but I'm not trying to lose weight anymore and that will never be relaxed!

    I think claiming you're on a diet purely means that you're consciously choosing what you eat.

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