Playing pro poker on LCHF


I used to play poker online a few years back. Playing good poker demands total concentration and quite a bit of knowledge. You need to be a lot sharper than the average opponent.

Some people still claim that the brain needs a lot of carbs every day, otherwise it will shut down (funny, I know). They also think that low carb diets make people depressed, tired, sleepy and slows the thought processes. Some even believe diets high in fat shrink the brain!

According to these wild (and mostly disproven) ideas it should be impossible to have an intellectual career on low carb. For example playing poker professionally.

This turns out to be false. I was contacted by a successful poker pro who’ve been eating LCHF for a while. His experience is the opposite of what some think. He experiences increased mental performance, especially by being able to focus for a long time.

The Road to the Poker Dream: LCHF

When I linked to this on my Swedish blog some commentors noted that LCHF diets were actually pretty popular in people discussing poker online. For the same reason: More durable mental focus.


  1. Peggy Holloway
    I am not surprised at this news. I am almost 59 years old and have been very low-carb for 12 years. I have incredible mental focus. I am a whiz at crossword puzzles and amaze my partner daily at how well I do "playing along" with Jeopardy at home. I am a college professor, and have no problem lecturing without notes and having tons more energy than my sugar-laden college students. I am able to cycle for thousands miles every summer on VLC. Ketones are an amazing source of fuel. My partner switched to low-carb last summer. At age 69 and after 25 years of intense cycling, he was amazed to find his strength and energy better than ever and he never "hit the wall" or needed to snack at rest stops.
    My 23-year-old son had severe ADHD through childhood and adolescence. He absolutely swears by low-carb to deal with his focus and energy issues. Due to "propaganda" from his yoga community, he took a 50-day vegetarian pledge last summer. He says the only way he survived it and resisted an overwhelming urge to smoke pot to calm his racing mind and nerves was to resort to his meditation and yoga practices. He maintains that the only reason his fellow yogis can handle being vegetarian is because they have their spiritual practices to keep them sane.
    My brother "cured" what he thought was chronic fatigue syndrome characterized by terrible mid-afternoon "brain fog" (he likens it to feeling like he was comatose every afternoon when he was a low-fat, organic vegan) when he went low-carb at the same time I did.
  2. PJ
    I have a friend that is in law enforcement who went LCHF about three months ago. He says he cannot believe how much clearer his mind is. (I think this is a very important advantage for someone that carries a gun!) The periods of cruising used to almost put him to sleep and it was difficult to become instantly alert when needed. Additionally, he's lost over 30 lbs and his workouts are much more efficient. The other officers are taking notice and, who knows, we may have a grain-free, LCHF sheriff's department soon!

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