Physicians make a strong case for official low-carb advice

Last week, ten physicians traveled to Washington, D.C. to tell their stories of low-carb success with patients. Each doctor delivered a 3 minute public comment to the advisory committee for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This committee will help shape the 2020 edition of the dietary guidelines.

This historic push from some of the doctors in our low-carb community encouraged policymakers to add a low-carb diet as a safe and effective dietary pattern to official US dietary advice.

Separately, Nina Teicholz, representing The Nutrition Coalition, spoke about the lack of systematic methodologies for evaluating the evidence behind our guidelines.

For a terrific half hour, please watch all 11 of these compelling statements:

  0:03  Dr. Sue Wolver
  3:06  Dr. Priyanka Wali
  6:08  Nina Teicholz (note: her Twitter handle is @bigfatsurprise)
  9:18  Dr. Darren Smith
11:48  Dr. Cate Shanahan
14:52  Dr. Christine Najjar
17:36  Dr. Georgia Ede
20:37  Dr. James Bailes
23:28  Dr. Sarah Hallberg
26:33  Dr. Tamara Hazbun
29:42  Dr. Eric Sodicoff


Video edit from the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Second Meeting USDA livestream.


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