“The Personal Responsibility Argument Is Complete and Utter Nonsense”


If sugar consumption is a huge driver of the obesity and diabetes epidemics, how should we act? Isn’t it all a matter of personal responsibility? No, says cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra:

“To have personal responsibility, you need information and choice, and people have neither,” he says. “Sugar is so prevalent in our environment that it’s unavoidable. The personal responsibility argument is complete and utter nonsense.”

I Quit Sugar: Dr Aseem Malhotra: “Fat’s as likely to make you fat as green vegetables.”

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  1. bill
    It's too bad Dr. Malhotra equivocates as
    much as Dr. Eenfeldt used to, by saying,
    "refined carbohydrates." As stated before,
    pineapple is not refined, potatoes are not
    refined, corn on the cob is not "refined."
    Boiled rice is not "refined." Fruit is not "refined." Carrots
    are not "refined." Jams and jellies are not "refined." Whole
    wheat bread is not considered "refined." Honey is not
    "refined." Maple syrup is not "refined." Low fat milk is
    not considered "refined." Apple juice is not considered
    Can we get Dr. M to understand that it's
    carbs. Carbs turn to glucose
    in the body. Carbs, get it?

    And a sugar tax? Don't get me started...

  2. tony
    A sugar tax will only create an additional bureaucracy that will syphon other non related tax revenues to support itself. In addition, the rich will not be affected by it.

    The solution is to ration every person to 25 grams per day and ZERO sugar to manufacturers, bakeries, etc. They can always use natural beneficial sweeteners like stevia.

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