My Personal Experience with Fasting – Jimmy Moore

My personal experience with fasting
Jimmy Moore has experienced huge weight loss on a low-carb diet, after starting out at 410 pounds. For many years since then he’s had a very popular blog and podcasts about LCHF.

However, everything wasn’t fine. Over the years more and more weight crept back despite intense efforts to prevent it. In 2012, Moore again had a big weight problem, and he started to experiment with a strict ketogenic diet and fasting.

Most people are a bit skeptical towards fasting at first, but find that it fits them perfectly when they do it the correct way. In this talk from the Low Carb USA, Jimmy Moore talks about his many attempts at fasting, including longer fasts – and gives pointers on what has worked and not worked.

If you want to give it a try, then this talk offers many practical insights.

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My Personal Experience with Fasting – Jimmy Moore

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Table of contents

  2:50  A first attempt at fasting
13:02  A 21-day fast
20:21  An intermittent extended fast
21:25  A 31-day fast
27:56  Give it a try!

My Personal Experience with Fasting – Jimmy Moore


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The next conference

The presentation is from this year’s Low Carb USA. It’s the top low-carb conference in the US. Next year’s conference will take place on August 3 – 6, 2017 in San Diego. Sign up now for an early bird discount (50% off).


  1. L. Blake
    The next one in 2017???
  2. Linda Miller
    My Lp (a) is 200 mg/dL. Supposedly we are born and die with this number and lifestyle will not alter. You apparently cut yours by 2/3 by fasting. Did this reduction stay? Was it reproduced on you 21 day fast?!di you know if anyone doing research on Lp(a) and fasting?
  3. Jay
    As of 2018, Jimmy's back to being obese again. What a shame.
    When will you low carb shills learn?
    Stop confusing the public, Andreas.
  4. Catgirl
    I saw Jimmy yesterday at a conference looking wholly unhealthy and hawking his books. During his presentation, he spoke over his wife - who seems to have taken one nutrition program and who has written a book about what she learned. They both seem to be amazingly self-promoting zealots who proudly proclaimed they are “doing god’s work”. I’m sure they made a ton of money yesterday.

    What’s tough for me is that I can’t help feeling that his association with legitimate doctors cheapens/delegitimizes their work.

  5. Carol
    Jimmy and Christine are used to the haters and don’t have to hide behind anonymity because they know who they are. They have done so much to help others for free and are entitled to earn a living.

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