1. Donna
    But are the poor Danes going to have to pay extra fat taxes on their paleo fast food?
  2. Too much avocado! 15% extra tax!
  3. The only problem with paleo restaurants is they are impossible to find -- you have to hunt all over for them.
  4. Alexandra M
    Forget paleo (not really!) - it's still a problem finding low carb options when you need a quick bite away from home. Get an egg and cheese wrap and try not to eat the wrap? Scrape the tuna salad out of the sandwich? And the worst situations are workshops and conferences about farming or gardening - you'd think gardeners and farmers were in the business of growing brownies and oatmeal cookies...

    If I had a restaurant like this nearby, I would frequent it just to make sure they stayed in business!

  5. Alexandra M
    "...you have to hunt..."


  6. A really great initiative!
  7. MargaretRC
    I love the idea of Paleo Fast food. Hope someone here gets the idea. I, too, would frequent it just to keep it in business. In the meantime, there are ways to turn regular fast food into LCHF. Protein style burgers--In-and-Out provides them with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I'm sure any Fast food joint would wrap their wraps in lettuce instead of a tortilla, just as more and more burger places are making lettuce wraps available. Same with a tuna salad sandwich--ask for it wrapped in lettuce! I walked into Johnny Rocket one time and started to ask for a burger without the bun. The cashier said, "Oh, would you like it wrapped in lettuce?" It was perfect. At Chipotle, just get the taco salad without beans or rice. You can get their bowl, too, and leave out the beans and rice, add guac. this is what I do if I'm out and need a quick bite.
  8. Good for Copenhagen. But, it's still cheaper and more reliable to make your own fast food. Just did four gf turkey legs, all ready for the week.
  9. Bernardo
    Paleo fast food = Rabbit
    Paleo slow food = Cow
  10. Michael Cohen
    When I was still working and on the road I would stop in at salad bars in supermarkets. They would have all kinds of plain meats, cheeses, hard boiled eggs and greens
  11. JAUS
    Pemmican is perfect to have in a pocket as an emergency food.

    Instructions for how to make Pemmican: http://www.traditionaltx.us/images/PEMMICAN.pdf

    Youtube clip that shows how to make pemmican part 1: http://youtu.be/ywBwUiq5v4o

    Part 2: http://youtu.be/JZi5thqBjQA

  12. I think there could potentially be a big market for this in london.

    I work in the Canary Wharf area in central london, and there is a huge gap in the Market for this kind of place, as most of the food places in the area are high carb stuff.

    MY vision is a store that sells a tight tasty menu of mostly charcoal grilled meat supplemented with fruits/vegs/eggs/nuts.

    No starch's, no sugars.

  13. Come visit us in Copenhagen we just opened our second branch of Palæo.


    Hope to see you soon!

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