Paleo diets reaches “Stage 3”

“And then they fight you…”

Some interesting thoughts on the diet debate in America:
You are a radical and so am I: Paleo reaches the ominous “Stage 3”

I think paleo diets sneaked in under the radar in the US during the last few years. Not everyone realized Paleo means low carb and high fat, compared to the disastrous conventional low fat diet advice. Now Paleo is on the radar screens, now the fighting begins. We live in interesting times!


  1. Time to batten down the hatches...

    Whilst I don't follow the Paleo diet in the strictest sense of the word, I do believe in many of it's principles (most importantly the one that grains are causing our obesity epidemic), and that many people would achieve great things on it.

    Roll on stage 4!

  2. Milton
    This is where it gets very ugly. Keep in mind that there is a great deal of money to lose if people reject the current dietary wisdom, and the government is involved as well. Not only do they provide subsidies to prop up wheat, corn, and soy farming, they also have a 'personal' stake in it. If government admits that current dietary wisdom is misguided, it will have to admit that it mislead its own citizens and may have helped cause the rise in heart disease, diabetes, and possibly other serious diseases.

    Thus, any diet that rejects grains and vegetable oils, reduces carbs, and promotes meat and fat will come under intense (and very well-funded) attack. There are billions of dollars at stake for those fighting for the 'old' way, and they won't go down without a furious struggle.

  3. Ryan
    Totally agree Milton. I believe the way in which research studies are funded is one of the reasons why we seem to have adopted the 'low-fat is good' and 'eat less' approach to dieting. I don't see many scientists being given money by big corporations when they proclaim their aim is to prove that Mr. Kellog has been making us all fat, especially when those companies make most of their money by supplying low cost food products that primarily come from grain sources.
  4. The animal rights / vegan / vegetarian / environmentalist folks should be added to the list of opponents of a paleo / primal / low carbohydrate dietary approach to wellness, too.

    I believe that those of us who, through our own personal experience, research, and review of the literature, have become convinced of this way of life (avoiding the word "diet" and its implications) must avoid the same mistakes that were made (knowingly and unknowingly) by those who got us all to believe that a low fat, plant-based diet was the healthy diet.

    We can rely on the best science available, and more is coming. Meanwhile, let's not make statements and claims that are not supported by the data. If we stay on this course, the "truth will out." Truth is always the best argument, but sometimes its debaters are not quite up to the task.

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