Is Pablo winning the battle against brain cancer on a keto diet?


Pablo and Rebecca

Pablo Kelly was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given just 15 more months to live. But three years later there are no visible signs of a brain tumour.

It’s an amazing story of how powerful a ketogenic diet might be in the battle against brain cancer:

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  1. Georgi
    Hello! Is there any solid medical advice regarding the elimination of dairy and alcohol in regards to lowering cancer risks? I am a T2 diabetic and I had a breast cancer scare a year ago. I'm well now, however, I'm hearing more often that I should avoid dairy because I had a breast cancer scare. Additionally, I practice a keto diet with intermittent fasting. I'm really looking for guidance regarding dairy and alcohol and their effects (or not) on cancer risk. If this has been posted previously, I apologize. Thank you!

    Be well,

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