“Overeating does not make you fat”

Professor Ludwig and his wife, chef Dawn Ludwig

Professor Ludwig and his wife, chef Dawn Ludwig

Here are two more good articles on Professor David Ludwig’s low-carb diet book Always Hungry.


Rethinking Weight Loss and the Reasons We’re ‘Always Hungry’

Always Hungry? Here’s the Book for You

The Key to Obesity – Dr. Jason Fung
The Top 5 Tips For Weight Loss
How to Lose 240 Pounds Without Hunger – Lynne Ivey
Weight Control – A Question of Calories or Insulin? – Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt


  1. bill
    Dr. E:

    Why are you championing this guy?

    This is his quote from the second article:

    "After two weeks, we reintroduce whole kernel grains, potatoes – except for white potatoes – and a little bit of added sugars."

    And, again, he advocates about 40% carbs.
    What about that would be considered LCHF?

    Why can't you stick with a clear message?
    There must be thousands of articles/people
    advocating a true LCHF way of life. Don't
    waste your bandwidth on this rubbish.

    Don't give us "don't let the perfect be the
    enemy of the good" when this stuff just isn't

  2. palo
    I'm sorry, Dr. Ludwig and his wife each look like they need to lose at least 20 lb.

    Their appearance questions Dr. Ludwig's credibility

    Instead, I recommend Dr. Fung's fasting protocol, thoroughly described in this site, his site and his book. Miraculously, Dr. Fung's fasting has brought me, after decades, to my high school weight with a smaller waist.

  3. Jocelyn Park
    Reply to Bill
    Whilst it is not true LCHF, I think anything that contributes to mainstream discussion in this field has a place and perhaps can act as starting point for people. There are some legitimate points raised. It all helps.
  4. Mitch
    Though I like good lchf meals and eat them every day - eg last night I had bacon, eggs, with fried halloumi cheese in butter. I could eat only that way and gain more fat than I would like - by overeating - constantly overeating in any way will do that for me.

    I don't have an issue with non-lchf foods if prepared at home - potatoes , rolled oats, rice, fruit, some popcorn, even some molasses etc - though I'm active and do gym/swim/walking etc.

    Eating this way doesn't seem to have any issues for me but every body is different.

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