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Congratulations to Fran – she won the contest for our existing members and we’re sending her the amazing prize package.

Here’s her story about how she ended up at Diet Doctor:

I started following you on Twitter, based on following such people as Gary Taubes and Peter Attia. From there I saw the articles and videos you linked to on your site. You, and the articles, were a major factor in getting me back to low-carb eating. In fact, you introduced me to the idea of low-carb, high fat, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

It is truly the HIGH FAT that made the difference between success in weight loss, versus the many failures I had in the interim, including at least 2 attempts with Weight Watchers.

I had made a go at a low-carb diet 6 years ago (starting 2011 through 2012), more Atkins-style/primal/paleo, but after about a year and after a loss of about 15-20 pounds (7-9 kg), I stopped and went back to “regular” eating. And then over the next 4 years, I gained weight. I gained back what I lost. And then a gained a lot more. Work, international travel, stresses at home, and “the change” of peri-menopause, all contributed. I was feeding my emotions with sweets, breads, potatoes, rice, and plenty of extra helpings. I drank several diet sodas every day, thought nothing of eating burgers & fries. I loved to bake, and would bake for family, for work, but really very much for myself. Sourdough homemade breads, cakes, cookies, pies, you name it, I could make it. And eat it.

I turned 50 in June 2016, and as it approached, I was feeling very sorry for myself, based on my health, and my weight. I knew I had gained a lot, just based on which clothes still fit me, but I was terrified of getting on the scale.

I thought that I did not want whatever years I still had ahead weighed down with backaches and knee pains, acid reflux, fatigue, and very low self worth. I felt old before my time, and not ready to face further deterioration. I don’t know what my exact heaviest weight was, as I waited two weeks after changing my diet to get on the scale. I was 218 pounds (99 kg)! I am only 5’4″ (163 cm). How did I get to that point? It is hard to even understand how much my body changed from my mid-40s to late 40s.

Using the Real Meal Revolution guidelines in the Beginners/Banting Facebook group, and the many resources and info on Diet Doctor, I started LCHF on June 22 2016, six days before my 50th birthday. Since July 1 2016 (when I finally got on the scale) I have lost 50 pounds (23 kg). I am down to 168 pounds (76 kg), and wearing a size 10 (US) in jeans (from barely squeezing into a size 16 only 9 months ago). I fit into clothes now that I used to wear when I weighed even less (maybe 150 lbs – 68 kg), so there is something going on with my body reshaping itself.

My hunger and cravings for sweets, breads, etc., are minimal to non-existent. I do find myself turning to dark chocolate every now and then, but can’t imagine eating how I used to. Simply can’t imagine it. Even the thought of a diet soda is distasteful. And I know that any consumption of wheat will really upset my system. My energy and sleep are better, my issues with acid reflux are gone (goodbye Nexium), and I have very few problems with the knee pains and backaches I was suffering with on a nearly daily basis.

I think my next challenge will be breaking what has been a two-month stall (even though during this stall, I think I have lost inches… So maybe not something to worry about) and add in healthy exercise.

My life has changed so much for the better, I have people who have known me for years who do not recognize me.

So as nice as it is to win this random drawing (and how incredibly unusual, since I notoriously NEVER win anything!), I definitely feel already “the winner” for the changes I have been able to make based on the solid data, science and support you provide on Diet Doctor. I thank you, and I hope that many others are able to get the same kind of help and inspiration.


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