Our daily meds

Our Daily Meds

That’s a lot of drugs!

All this apparently started with “high cholesterol”. Of course, most healthy people have cholesterol over the arbitrary number 200 mg/dL. The number that has been defined as the cutoff for “high cholesterol”. So if you go and check your cholesterol, chances are it’s “high”.

Maybe you too can wear the T-shirt in the future.

PS: Melody Petersen has written a fascinating book titled, like this post, “Our Daily Meds”. If the post above upsets you, wait until you read the book.

PPS, added: I doubt many people need “regular chiropractic care” either.


  1. Laura
    Aaaarrgggghghghh! talking of OVERmedicalized society!
    We have a program aired on BBC2 called embrassing bodies where people come forward with their embrassing illnesses and these are dealt with and hopefully rendered less embrassing and encouraging other sufferers to come forward. You cna bet that obesity and complications figure highly amongst those featured! LAst night they were doing it live with people skyping in and sharing their ailments...Guest of honor on the show was Dr Summers our very own UK celebrity bariatric surgeon...he had a field day! He performs 350 such surgeries a year!!!! and now increasingly on YOUNG people. Three women queued to speaks to him. One a potential patient she at age 27 had obesity (BMI of 45!!) diabetes and PCOS with infertility! Another aged 18 !!!!!!!was a recent patient jsut released after stomach bypass and was asking when to eat? what to eat? Imagine with her stomach irreversibly reduced to the size of a walnut she probably could not even taken on a paleo/lchf diet (Assuming she knew cared about) as would be sick all the time!! She has been deprived of one of the msot wonderful basic insticts and joys in life FOOODDD!!
    FInally a 26 yr old for whom a gastric band (luckly reversible) has gone wrong. She has lost 9 stones (But she did niot look too well to me) and was sick every day! Imgaine that! Also she developed frank diabetes AFTER the op!! I mean Doc surely this cannot be right!
    We are dying slow life long deaths all because we cannot help scoffing all those unhealthy foods and don't want to cook from scratch. The act of preparing food from raw ingredients dirty messy as they are should be part of the joy of food. One of the criticisms of the more puritst paleo diet is the amount of cooking/food preparation involved! I cannot believe it. I lvoe it and I'd musch rather be cooking for my health and slobbing on a couch chomping on process food!
    We msut have lsot our minds!
  2. Want Shirt!
  3. Peggy Holloway
    I am 59 and my partner is 70.We take no medications. I am always appalled when I hear the statistics on the average number of medications Americans take when "diet and exercise aren't enough." Never any consideration that the "diet" might be the wrong one.
    Like my stepfather who disdains the low-carb diet followed by me and my siblings. When we visit my mother, she fixes eggs and bacon or sausage, which he makes a show of refusing while he eats his cereal (45 grams of carbs/serving) with fruit and skim milk. And yet, guess who had the emergency quadruple bypass last year? I don't know what all he takes for meds, but I can bet a statin is part of the regimen. They would never think of questioning the conventional medical advice or what their doctors tell them to do.
  4. Great! I love it. What a message about our health care practitioners.
  5. Greg
    I just wish it didn't end with an exhortation to get chiropractic care. It seems that even the relatively few areas where chiropractic medicine seemed to actually be useful are falling into the placebo effect in better-controlled trials.
  6. The placebo effect is real and it works!

    A placebo is likely more effective than nearly all that is mentioned on the shirt.

    And the side effect of a placebo is that you feel better and your health likely improves whereas those meds pale in comparison. They don't have near the ratio of good:bad effects.

  7. Yoly
    Now, Statins May Increase Heart Attack Risk!


    Study participants who were frequent statin users were found to have significantly more coronary plaque advancement than those who were less frequent users (P<0.001), according to Aramesh Saremi, MD, and colleagues from the Phoenix VA Health Care System in Arizona.

  8. @Yoly

    This is misinterpretation of the data.

    Progression of calcification does not mean more coronary plaque advancement. Progression of calcification could even indicate healing of a plaque, or plaque stabilization, which could be a positive thing.

    Furthermore, these are observational data and this is a small study.

    If you are looking for data to bring satins into disrepute, this tudy will not help.

  9. Valerie
    Chiropractic is based on quackery, but I like the rest of the message on the shirt.
  10. Violeta A.
    The beneficial effects of a chiropractic treatment are real but just like anything else it requires persistency. There are no quick fixes in this either. Chiropractic treatment over the last few years - approximately once session every 5-6 weeks - has helped me greatly improve the flexibility of my spine, has reduced the usual back pain as a result of a desk job and I have grown 2 cm in height in my 30s :-)))
  11. Galina L
    I disagree about too much work involved into the preparation of real food. First of all , now I am down to two meals a day (first meal consists of soft-boiled eggs and butter), 3 on a week-end when my husband is at home. It used to be 5 - 6 times a day eating on week-ends and cleaning afterwards. My son cooks for himself when he attends university in another town. He also cooks something simple couple times a day, and I sent him to his campus with one gallon jar of my own sauerkraut as a sours of an instant salad..However, during very busy times he just buy stakes and keeps it marinated in a fridge, ready to be turn into a quick meal in a Foreman grill, It is faster and cheaper than eating at McDonald's, or even worming-up a prepared frozen food..
  12. Laura
    Dear Galina
    I disagree too. I realise my comment was jumbled at the end. I love cooking and enjoy it very much. Now as a paleo/lchf I have it down to a fine art and cook two or three meals 3-4 times a week (I take breakfast into account too as i don't want to have eggs everytime I like variety!) I am jsut reporting what I ahve read and the reaction I get from friends and family.
    I feel sorry for those who do not enjoy contact with raw food preparing it see it change as it cooks and fill the house with wonderful scents!
  13. pam
    re. chiropractor.

    i once asked a chiropractor about having regular visits.

    he said something like, if a patient does not exercise or stretch, & change posture, ... then he/she just has to see me every month


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