Our #3 most popular video of 2018: Diet Doctor Podcast with Gary Taubes

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Out of all the videos we published in 2018, this was the #3 most popular one.

Over the last two decades, Taubes has repeatedly put his tenacious, meticulous research and persuasive writing skills towards debunking the bad science and prevailing dogmas in nutrition. Possibly nobody has been more influential than Taubes in the low-carb world.

Listen and enjoy the very first episode of our podcast: The very first episode of the Diet Doctor Podcast: Gary Taubes.

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  1. Judy

    My partner was type 2 diabetic, had high blood pressure and in April had one kidney removed because of bladder cancer in the pelvis of the kidney which was not treatable. He has one remaining kidney which is only partial because of surgery on it many years ago. So protecting his existing kidney is of the utmost importance. He has his diabetes under control through low carb and no longer takes metformin which is very damaging to the kidneys and he was told not to take it. They said his options were control the diabetes through diet or take insulin. He opted for low carb.).
    He just got out of the hospital today after cancer returned to the bladder. They scraped as much out as they could and we're still waiting for the pathology report. The procedure shot his potassium levels way up and his kidney function way down. In turn this slowed down his heart rate dramatically. It was very scary. It all settled down quite quickly, but even at its best his GFR for the one remaining damaged kidney about 40.

    The doctors are very concerned about his potassium intake now. They are happy about his low carb diet for his diabetes (even gave him special food in the hospital) but acknowledged that its a challenge doing low carb and low potassium. I don't see any mention of potassium in your discussions of kidney disease. Is it still an issue if you are doing low carb? So many very healthy low carb high fat foods have high potassium. What are your recommendations regarding kidney disease and potassium? thanks. I'm kind of lost right now!!!

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  2. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Judy,
    We can not answer questions about specific medical situations. His nephrologist would be the best source of case specific information for you and your husband.

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