Why an orthopedic surgeon recommends an LCHF Diet

Why are some people obese and some people thin, despite eating the same things? That’s what orthopedic surgeon Christopher Gorczynski asked himself when a couple walked in to his clinic one day, and the wife was heavy while the husband was thin. Despite the fact that they ate the same foods!

After some research, including reading The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, Dr. Gorczynski realized that the weight loss advice that he was giving his patients – eat less, exercise more – simply didn’t work. Instead, he tried an LCHF diet on himself, and 25 pounds (11 kg) melted off. He also lost his hypertension and his migraine headaches!

YourorthoMD: Dr. Gorczynski’s Recommended Diet

It’s great to read that more and more medical professionals are starting to realize that the advice that has been given to patients for decades not only is outdated, but also completely wrong.

Is your doctor recommending an LCHF diet yet?

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  1. Ellen
    My doctor has recommended the LCHF diet to me to basically fight against my genetics. No diabetes in the fam but considerable risk of bowel cancer. I am the smallest of a large family with a current BMI of 32. I'm only on day four of strict LCHF and have lost 2kg already! Thanks diet doc!
  2. Christopher Gorczynski, MD
    Thanks so much for linking to my website, Diet Doctor!

    Ellen, if you stick with the LCHF diet for a couple of weeks you will not only continue to reduce your body weight, but you will feel better (more energy, calmer, fewer cravings). Soon you won't consider it a diet anymore, just the way you eat. This is the secret to long lasting results...make this way of eating permanent.

    Christopher Gorczynski, MD
    Orthopedic Surgeon

  3. Cindy C
    Thanks for sharing your site, Dr Gorczynski. Have you ever recommended any one reading Dr John E Sarno books? He did not actually mention that it was a form of "rewiring the brain", but I think reading about Neuroplasticity, and chronic pain, that was what was happening.


    i wanted to share this. The authors were not that worried about TMAO.


  4. O'Neal
    Reacting to the photo that includes chicken breast (not low-carb but low fat!) instead of chicken leg quarters or thighs with skin. It's misleading. Please reconsider.
  5. Christopher Gorczynski, MD
    I would agree with you O'Neal. Not sure where this picture originated. I would have substituted bacon or ribs for the chicken and added a leafy green salad instead of the beans. That would be closer to how I actually eat. Otherwise, they nailed it.

    Christopher Gorczynski, MD
    Orthopedic Surgeon


  6. Michelle
    Please stop presenting this as a sure thing. I’ve attempted low-carb diets several times through the years. I have never lost an ounce on any of them, and I always feel dreadful and hungry without carbs. Before you ask, yes, I understand very well what carbs are. No, I didn’t cheat. Yes, I’m sure. Yes, I drink plenty of water. Yes, I eat lots of veggies. No, I wasn’t eating hidden carbs in condiments and such. This diet isn’t effective for everyone.
  7. Gentiann
    You probably ate too many veggies and not enough fat !!
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