Orange juice plummets in popularity in the US


People are abandoning their morning glass of orange juice for health reasons, according to ABC News:

ABC News: Americans Are Drinking Less Orange Juice

The drink which was previously thought of as healthy, is now getting an increasingly bad reputation due to its high sugar content (often equaling that of soda).

My guess is that most Diet Doctor readers have stopped drinking OJ a long time ago. But we’re happy to hear that more people are also starting to realize that it isn’t too great for their health. Staying away from OJ is great for lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity.


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  1. Jan
    Yet, if you walk through any hospital in this country you will see orange juice or apple juice on nearly every breakfast tray!
  2. Dian Musa
    It makes me afraid to trust the medical profess. cession when it comes to nutrition.
  3. Scud
    Well, don't drink too much OJ. Same is true about everything, right?
  4. Bill
    I cant help thinking there is going to be unified backlash from all the food producers which brings together all the existing 'old' nutritionists to combat sliding sales. Some huge press campaign telling us we are all going to die on a LCHF diet. TV, Newspaper adds etc.
  5. Apicius
    Florida better find a new agricultural export.
  6. Greer
    When in a detox clinic in the Far East we were told OJ was acidic... whereas lemon, lime and grapefruit are all alkaline... that you cannot lose weight if you're acidic. So to detox we had to 'cleanse' our system by becoming alkaline. Check this out:
    It is commonly known too that with your system being alkaline (rather than acidic) you will never get diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on.... that the secret was to avoid acidic food and (sugary) drinks as much as possible. This too is an excellent site:

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