Oprah Winfrey is launching her own pizza with cauliflower crust – but it’s not low carb

Picture from the CNBC article on the launch of Oprah’s pizza line

You know that low carb is really catching on when Oprah Winfrey is launching her own pizza with cauliflower crust.

We think it’s a good sign that she’s launching these cauliflower pizzas, almost makes us feel like low carb is becoming mainstream! Furthermore, ten percent of all profits will be donated to charities that work to reduce hunger.

Unfortunately, a closer look reveals that the crust is only made of one-third of cauliflower and the rest is just regular wheat dough – the largest ingredient is still wheat flour. For the macros, the pizzas still clock in at 35 grams of net carbs per 137 grams, for about 44% energy from carbs. Not exactly a real low carb version. Actually, it’s not even close.

There is definitely a need for more nutritious food options today and this may be a small step in the right direction. However, there are more nutritious low-carb pizza recipes with far fewer carbs (have a look below), and hundreds of other low-carb recipes, here on our website.

Maybe Oprah would like to have a look for future inspiration?

Note: The post has been updated August 26 with more information about the nutritional contents of the pizza.

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  1. Pierre
    Well, with 39g of carbs per serving of 137g, this is not exactly a low carb pizza IMHO... See http://www.othatsgood.com/products/Supreme-Pizza
  2. CLG
    There are a lot of supposed low carb products for sale in the USA that are anything but. We were visiting there last month and between odd labeling (nutrition info is per 'serving' which is very arbitrary) and misleading packing 'seed crackers' with the first ingredient being wheat it is clear marketing is king still.
  3. Roxana
    Very disappointed to even see this on your page. This is just free marketing for the kind of deceptive nutrition advertising that brought us low fat, healthy “food” from Kraft and others like them! Too many people will not read the article or the label and will rush out to buy this product because they saw it on dietdoctor.com.
  4. Jerry
    I would probably disassociate myself from this person or anything that comes from anyone that is associated with her. It would make me want to call things into question if this keeps happening, my support would go away, there has been way to much good info that has come from Diet Doctor.com to be tarnished by this, if you don’t believe me, check the backlash on social media, since it has been posted.
  5. Robin
    Please remove this post. Oprah is a very highly paid spokesperson for Weight Watchers, she doesn't need you advertising her schemes to get rich on the latest 'craze.'
  6. Ken
    Not at all sure Diet Doctor was advertising for her. In fact, I feel it was the complete opposite! Diet Doctor has already done this so well (without the help of Kraft Heinz), I think DD was offering her some assistance! LOL! Wake up, Oprah! This has already been done!
  7. Sylvia
    Haters all
  8. Ketochamp
    Processed food by one of the biggest processed food companies in the world that will overcharge but try and tug at your heartstrings by donating to charity. Save your money and your health and you can donate to your own favorite charity! Is Diet Doctor and the general public really that gullible.

    People rely on Diet Doctor for sound advice. Obviously, you are cannot be relied on for that!

    Oprah Winfrey is all about the money and suckers her blind following and doesn’t care who she harms. She also owns something like 37% of Weight Watchers which has failed 97% of everyone that has ever been on the program.

    Reply: #15
  9. Nancy
    Who cares she’s not who I want to see on this site. Are you serious.
  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    We should have researched this more, to find the nutritional contents online. The post is now updated with a more critical look at the ingredients.
  11. Lisa
    I am not bothered that diet doctor.com posted a story about Oprah's brand? It is news and worth reporting, especially reporting how un-low carb it is. Wheat flour......it's really comical.
  12. John
    Not promoting, pointing out the problem
  13. Kenrick
    I am all for progession albeit in the right direction ... I am not sure this is the right direction ...I always advise my friends etc that go one way or the other really don’t try and mix LCHF with high carb food the combo is asking for trouble ...

    If you going to eat this may as well pop down to Mac’s / KFC / Burger King etc ...just as (un) healthy lol...

    This is one of those products that is paying a very poor lip service to low carb whilst actually potentially having extremely detrimental effects on ones health and also gives the false impression of being low carb ...when it’s clearly not ...

    Call me Mr Synical ...but I see this as food giants opportunism to cash in due to the unprecedented rise in low carb life style and further offering a charitable donation ...hmmm that’s a whole new conversation !

    And as has been pointed out she is a major share holder of weight watchers ...I have never met anyone who used weight watchers and maintained their weight loss ever ...but I guess they rely on that for repeat fees etc ...


  14. April
    I agree with those who say don't give Oprah and converage. This pizza crust is garage. I have a hard enough time trying to get people I love to try keto.
  15. Hector
    Weight Watchers even failed HER!
  16. 1 comment removed
  17. Anastasia
    Diet Doctor has showed me to look more closely at the ingredients in foods. I always had the opinion, if I could not recognize what is on the ingredient list when reading a package I would not buy or eat it. With this said, as a upcoming future medical professional who wants to advocate for people to choose healthier options instead of processed food; I believe that if I cannot make it in my kitchen from scratch I will not put it in my body. So thank you Diet Doctor for all your helpful articles, advice, and recipes it is helping me achieve my goal of being a better and healthier version of myself!
  18. Diane
    For a truly super low carb pizza base, I found one done by Keto Connect: 285g canned shredded chicken (I cooked my own chicken thighs), 30g parmesan (or 20-25g nutritional yeast, which I did) and 1 large egg. The chicken needs to be dried out if it's canned, then mix ingredients together, spread out to 2 thin pizza bases & cook @ 230 degrees C or 500 degrees F for 10 minutes. After that, add your chosen toppings & bake a further 6 minutes. We tried it last night and found it to be the best of any recipe we've had so far.
  19. sarai
    A billionaire greedy to get into any "fad" to take even more money. Don't trust her and unless she changes, I never will.

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