1. Steve
    You really have a fetish for America. If there was a candy store inside of the gym then fine, but because two separate businesses set up near by this is representative of something? Next thing you'll be posting the tired image of a gym at the top of two sets of escalators in a strip mall.

    Irony? Yes. Representative of something? Only in your mind.

    Love the work you do Doc! In general I love the web site. But some of your posts are just ridiculous and this is one of them.

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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I guess the "only" part is pushing it. But I think America leads the world both in sugar intake and in number of gyms. And an increased sugar intake will eventually lead to an increased need for gyms. So it's not just a coincidence.
  3. murray
    "Only in America, you say?" is a common expression that goes back as far as I can remember. It is usually taken figuratively, not literally, the equivalent of an "eye roll" regarding an American excess or absurdity without claiming that it is strictly unique to America. Indeed, in the modern world of cultural and commercial generica originating from the United States, the expression "Only in America, you say?" takes on a double irony.

    So here, the double irony is appropriate (inadvertent, it seems) as the US has been the vanguard of the sugar-driven obesity epidemic, which it it has been exporting through its cultural and commercial hegemony into a pan-global epidemic.

    This absurdity (gym connected to a sugar outlet) is just what Coke wants us to think. Sugar is mere calories and are just fine if you burn them off with increasing activity.

  4. Daniel Ferreira
    Doc, its for the people working out, they replenish their glycogen after a long workout.
  5. LarryB
    I'm sure this post was tongue-in-cheek. I'd also bet that there's not a great deal of overlap in the clientele.

    Also, it could just as easily be anywhere other walk-in businesses are stacked up over storefronts.

  6. ZellZ
    Hmmm, a gym on top of a candy store. That's got to be embarrassing for all the fat people trying to buy candy w/o all the fit, gym rats looking down their noses at the weak fatties. (Oh wait, there's probably some gym rats sneaking in to the candy store for a fix, too. Nothing like using exercise addiction to try to stave off the negative effects of sugar addiction). I Agree! America is Quite a Country! This gym/candy store combo sums up everything that is too extreme about America, especially the fact that in America there is 1. too much food, especially too much sugary junk & 2. too much emphasis on looks, under the guise of being concerned about "health", but health, itself, can become a narcissistic fetish of driven obsession, seen most obviously at the gym. Meanwhile, all the fatties shopping at Walmart get mocked, even though They can't afford either the expensive gym or the expensive candy store!
  7. linda
    Who is mocking walmart shoppers...you are. As a matter of fact, you are mocking everyone in your post. Zellz.
    It is quite ironic that a candy store appears below a gym but might make for great advertisement. But since obesity rates are a worldwide problem, and Mexico has now surpassed the US, maybe we can stop the America bashing and discuss the nutritional misinformation that got all of us to an obesity epidemic.

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