One million views on YouTube!

Diet Doctor on YouTube

Another milestone: The Diet Doctor YouTube-channel just hit ONE MILLION video views. Here’s a top 10 list of videos you may like:

  1. The Food Revolution – AHS 2011, 172 000 views
  2. The Cause of Obesity with Dr Robert Lustig, 64 000 views
  3. Low Carb Living with Dr Stephen Phinney, 42 000 views
  4. Low Carb Explained with Dr Mary Vernon, 38 000 views
  5. The Paleo Diet Explained with Dr Loren Cordain, 33 000 views
  6. How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes with Dr Jay Wortman, 28 000 views
  7. The Science of Low Carb with Dr Eric Westman, 17 000 views
  8. Low Carb Paleo with Mark Sisson, 8 000 views
  9. Good Food is Good Medicine with Dr Jeffry Gerber, 5 000 views
  10. How to Eat to Get Pregnant with Dr Michael Fox, 3 000 views

During the coming weeks you’ll get new videos with Gary Taubes, Dr Peter Attia, Dr John Briffa and Dr William Davis.

What or who else would you like to see?


  1. Arshad, Stuttgart
    Great job, doc!

    I would like to see Prof. Dr. Andro (of suppversity). He is similar like Mark Sisson, emphasizes equally on fitness & nutrition. Interestingly he is a professor of physics, not nutrition or medicine.

  2. tooticky
    How about a chat with some of your Scandinavian colleagues? I would love to hear more about Annika Dahlqvist or Sofie Hexeberg. If I've understood correctly both of them are doing clinical work. I'm just curious how their clients took they advice early on when low carb was not so well known. And if you ever travel to East, Finland too has few active medical professionals promoting nutritiously rich (low carb) food such as Olli Sovijärvi, Antti Heikkilä and Dr. Tolonen.

    Another thing I'm interested is to hear what is the clinical experience of low-carb dieters' lipid profiles? Of course weight loss and older women is another topic close to my heart. I'm hoping that Annika and Sofie may have some insight on these topics too.

    Thanks again for your fantastic site.

  3. Karol, Poland
    Doctor Dayspring
  4. Tia
    Congrats, Doc!
    This is a great reward for your good work on the blog, please go on!
    I am still hoping for a change in Germany, but officials still close their eyes and refuse to see the truth about their not evidence based recommendations which make people only fatter and sicker :(
    In the meantime I enjoy reading here all information you share with us! Thank you!
  5. Dr. Ron Krauss
  6. Zepp

    Diabetes doc have writhen about this:

  7. Looking forward to the interviews!!!!! I love them!!!!!!
  8. You should feel proud that all your hard work is being noticed and hopefully acted upon, Andreas. Fantastic!

    Like Tooticky, I would also be interested to know what kind of long-term results the Swedish doctors are getting, as this is all good ammunition when discussing the low-carb diet with people with a scientific background who still believe that people should just exercise more to burn off extra calories (by exercise, they usually mean running every other day). They are also inclined to believe that only their views are evidence based and that everybody else is a 'quack' or cherry picking. It seems to me that many people in the scientific community have difficulty accepting anything other than the conventional wisdom even in the face of a lack of supporting evidence.

  9. Confused
    If you do Dayspring, please do confront him with the recent JAMA article, which destroyed his arguments with good data. His responses have been less than convincing. I think Dayspring's arguments about LDL-P are dead in the water, frankly - he argues for a very expensive, and as JAMA proves, an unnecessary test. How can we get health costs under control like this? Attia should be more honest about this.

    Likewise for Krauss. His satfat study has just been shredded since it's release - look at how rarely it's cited anymore - and it seems he & Hu no longer defend it. Despite this many "gurus" run around tell everyone to guzzle the satfat based on Krauss. Is Paleo any better than conventional wisdom at relying on bad studies?

    Those who counsel limiting satfat to 10-15% of calories still seem to be sitting with the better evidence right now, for the time being, don't they?

  10. How about an interview with Zoë Harcombe, author of The Obesity epidemic
  11. Liv
    I would love to hear a interview with Dr Jack Kruse. He has the blog "Living an Optimized Life" and has interesting idea about how to fix leptinresistans with cryo therapi-cold bath.
  12. moreporkplease
    Hi Liv:

    " cryo therapi-cold bath"

    If you believe Dr. Kruse's life-extension ideas without a lot more evidence, well. . .um. . . :) You should be demanding much more evidence than he provides, because his claims go well beyond the limited science we have here, into the realms of near sci-fi radical immortality. It's more Issac Asimov than otherwise at this point. :)

  13. Yoly
    Dr. Kruse is not so far off...

    ‘Good Fat’ Activated by Cold, Not Ephedrine

    ScienceDaily (June 4, 2012) — Researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center have shown that while a type of "good" fat found in the body can be activated by cold temperatures, it is not able to be activated by the drug ephedrine.

    Brown fat is found in humans naturally and consumes calories to generate heat. Prior studies had shown that brown fat can be activated by cold exposure in a process called non-shivering thermogenesis.

  14. Well done! Keep up the good work! :)
  15. Doc, how about Jimmy? You could ask him about his latest results with keto and see if you can get him to talk about what he's eating right now. I bet he would enjoy being interviewed instead of being the interviewer.

    Whomever you choose, can't wait to see more! Thank you for all your time and effort getting out the LCHF message.

  16. Erik
    Dr. David Ludwig. Dr. Tom Dayspring or Dr. Tara Dall would be good as well. Robb Wolf.
  17. Ken
    I recommend Tom Levy, M.D.
  18. Liv
    Well nobody believed the earth was round either since the science of that time said it was flat. I still think Dr Jack Kruse has very interesting thoughts even if there is no "real science" behind it. He is thinking outside the box and I believe some of it might be true we will see in the future. No harm to experiment with your own body either you became better or not. I do not trust science of today since they hide negative results and are to influenced of Money read Big Pharma.

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