Of birds and men (and bread)


Here’s a sign from Stanley Park in Vancouver. Perhaps the same thing could be said of the human visitors?


  1. Galina L.
    My mom asked me what to give to birds who dwell in a city during winter. Unlike water fowl, they could be starving during cold time of the year. There is a good tradition in Russia to put pork lard in to bird feeders, but people also feed birds bread and grains like millet.
  2. FrankG
    Among other things, birds do eat whole grains, seeds and nuts -- they are more suited to seeds than we humans are -- but just like us, quality counts over quantity. The over-processed flour in modern bread is not a good source of nutrition for anyone. Plus feeding wild-fowl may interfere with their natural migration and may strand them in the wrong place when winter sets in.

    Lard is excellent, especially in the winter time... they need fat and protein as well :-)

  3. Unfortunately the food most people do feed birds with is bread. Unfortunately one of the first things many adults turn to in the morning for breakfast is bread.
    Slowly many more are recognising this is not a good healthy move. Think LCHF.
    For birds this could be lard, as FrankG suggests, for adults how about bacon?
    Sounds a great start to the day to me, just add some eggs and mushrooms - brilliant.

    All the best Jan

  4. Mere
    I feed birds all year long. I get suet from a local butcher and mix good quality bird seed into that and form suet balls for the colder months and have many bird feeders for the warmer months. I also keep a birdbath with clean water for them to drink from and another birdbath for bathing. Since we don't eat any kind of wheat, there is no bread for us to feed them and I wouldn't feed them bread if we did have it on hand.
  5. Bard
    Seen this sign at Stanley Park a few times walking the Sea Wall when I visit Vancouver. So true....
  6. Yes we always used to throw out the bacon rinds (i.e. lard) for the birds in winter when I was a child. They seemed to love it. Seeds are great too, but not wheat. You can see them pecking the ground to get seeds and worms, but they don't go raiding the wheat fields, do they? :)
  7. James C
    Actualy the brids where I live eat the wheat and barley that falls from the grain carrying trucks around the grain silos. They do seem to prefer wild bird seed mix when they can get it. I have a flock that cleans out my large feeder in just a few days.
  8. Kristin
    One of the girls at work has birds. One of her birds started to get unwell recently, so she took him to the vet. The verdict, too much bird seed. The vet explained to her that birds have the ability to live long lives, but most people only feed their birds seed and thought it was normal for birds to only live for a few years. So now she has to feed her birds a variety of food, although I think the vet instructed her about which vegetables and fruit to give the birds. I thought it was interesting when I heard the story.
    I know growing up, our chooks always loved to receive table scraps. Those things could swallow grapes whole.
  9. murray
    We saw the same sign in Stanley Park when we visited Vancouver in March. We had a good belly laugh.
  10. What, they aren't afraid that the birds are going to get vitamin deficiencies without the bread? ;)
  11. Wise words indeed!

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