Obesity is forever – if you eat this


A doctor reading this blog sent me an email:

Hi Andreas,
I found this bit of obesity medication marketing too ironic not to share. The local drug rep treated the docs to breakfast last week. The promotional literature was nestled next to the pastries, fruit bowl and OJ. As a long time member of your site, I thought you might appreciate the irony.

Keep up the good work,
Eric Sodicoff MD

A chronic problem

The best way to get “chronic” obesity – obesity that never, ever goes away – is to keep snacking on pastries and drinking sugar water.

This, of course, is great for business for the drug company Novo Nordisk. Their $1000-a-month drug Saxenda makes people lose around 12 pounds (5.5 kilos) as long as they take it and suffer the side effects. Once people stop taking the drug the weight comes right back.

There is another, better way to avoid chronic obesity. Avoid eating the bad carbs that make people obese.

How to Lose Weight / Obesity Drugs


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  1. Apicius
    The organizers of this abomination probably felt good about their offering - being low in saturated fat and 2/3 fruit.
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  2. Rachel
    Hi, Just thought I would remind you that this drug is listed on your lose weight list, side effects are mentioned etc. but maybe just don't call it the reigning champion?
  3. Jim
    I am a patient who has been struggling with my weight since I graduated from college in 2001, and stopped playing collegiate level sports. About 8 months ago, my physician put me on Saxenda, told me it wasn't a magic solution, but will make me feel full. As a motivated patient, I eat half of my old daily calories (cut all meals in half), drink only water, and have adopted many of the diet suggestions I learned from reading this blog, and now have lost 45 lbs and kept it off!
    I don't know about/care what food some sales person has to bring in, in order to get infront of my very busy physician, but I am sure as hell glad they did, so he knew about this product, and was able to prescribe it to me! This seriously changed my life...
    And for "Dr Sodicoff" to put that company on blast, seems a little immature (unless he is a paid spokesperson--any press is good press). If he really cared about helping his patients lose weight, he would use every tool he can. Education on food is great, but some people cannot control their hunger. I'm hoping that Doctor's solution for his patients isn't "hire me as your slap chef" as seen in this Amy Schumer video!
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  5. Eric Sodicoff MD
    Unfortunately, there are no attractive, sharply dressed salespeople feeding us doctors LCHF lunches to educate us how to use the powerful, effective, unprofitable and perfectly safe LCHF diet. Had there been such a salesforce for LCHF I would have long ago known about it. Alas, I had to stumble upon it on an empty stomach 13 years into practice.
    Ideally drug marketers should avoid using such techniques that they wouldn't want their customers to know about. In the future, makers of this drug would be prudent to amend their ways.
  6. Debi
    Do you know why it stops being effective at some point??
  7. Debi
    Saxenda that is...

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