1. Michelle
    So sad. I wish them well and hope that they don't suffer too much.
  2. Rob
    I think at that age, police and children's welfare need to come down hard on parents. It isn't the child that is going to the grocery store and buying garbage for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. Laura
    As much as obesity is a problem in teh Uk and I can see it with my own eyes everyday...the Daily Mail is a notoriously sensationalist colleric right wing tabloid paper that was obviously filling in a news gap.
    The UK has a very very poor tradition of home cooking nowadays.Very few people cook food from scratch hence the success of takeaways and ready meals..I am surprised there is not much more obesity than there is...but ill health is rife.
    Did I even tell you when I was in Scotland I remember being at the check out. I had bought amongst other things some lemons. The young Scottish check out boy asked me what they were so he could enter the right code...!!! Same thing with apricots and nectarines.. And didn't Jamie Oliver find that British kinds really don;t know where meat comes from or milk and if you take them a box of veg to identify they do very poorly....talking of paleo these kinds would not be able to survive five minutes without ready food as they cannot even identify individual foodstuffs!!
    and then they get moobs...no doubt carb moobs!

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