1. Carol
    The Feds are afraid of fat because they know that vegetable oils contribute to heart disease and other ailments, and healthy animal fats cannot be produced in quantities sufficient to satisfy the population's dietary requirements, if fats are to replace a significant portion of the current carbohydrate consumption.
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  2. Dan
    Convert those stinking fields of rapeseed and wheat back to pastures for animals! Problem solved!
  3. Bob Niland
    There are also big issues with:

    • Liability
    People will figure out that the former advice has sickened and prematurely murdered millions. They'll want to know who will go to jail, or at least get fired over this (and under the present US administration, the answer to that is probably: nobody).

    • Credibility
    People possessed of any shred of independent thought will ask "and just why should we believe you now?" They'd have a point.

    • Face Saving
    As Planck reminds us, science often progresses one funeral at a time, and not everyone who championed the old dogma is dead yet. The anointed used to be able to carefully manage these embarrassing paradigm shifts. The internet has changed all that. The DGA's specious "nutrient of concern" needs to be widely ridiculed.

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