Nutritional science is “a scandal” that should “go to the waste bin”

One week the news headlines state that you’ll soon drop down dead if you consume coffee, butter or red meat… And the next these foodstuffs are health-boosting and good for you. So what should you believe?

The truth is that most of nutritional science is so weak (just based on statistics) that the conclusions are more wild guesses than anything resembling proof.

It’s not just my opinion. Stanford professor John Ioannidis is an expert on the topic. He calls nutritional epidemiology, the majority of nutritional science today, a “scandal” that “should just go to the waste bin.”

Frustrated with the never-ending stream of contradicting nutrition headlines, Dr. Vinay Prasad, an Oregon oncologist and medical policy researcher, explained why you shouldn’t take your latest nutrition headline for truth on Twitter (and gets support by Professor Ioannidis):

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