Nutrition and politics don’t mix


I hate politics. And I don’t use the “h-word” lightly. (In fact, I tell my kids not to use it.)

But in this case, I really mean “hate.” I am repulsed by the “my side is right, yours is wrong”, the blaming others, the arguing rather than working together to find a solution. Ugh.

In fact, my wife has to force me to sit down before every election and go through the ballot. It is one of the more painful experiences of the year, but I eventually acquiesce and do it since I know it is important. But aside from elections, I stay as far away from politics as I can.

Except when it comes to nutrition.

When PragerU approached me to film a segment about how the governmental guidelines led us astray starting over 50 years ago, I welcomed the opportunity. That doesn’t mean I endorse everything about PragerU. In fact, I hadn’t ever watched one of their videos before.

But I know, on this topic, we agree. We should not rely on the government to tell us how to eat and how to be healthy. History has taught us that. And at Diet Doctor, we hope to show you a broader perspective of how you can use nutrition to improve your health and your life.

(Watch the full video here.)

Republican… democrat… conservative… liberal. Those are useless terms when it comes to our health. We are all in this together and need to find a solution for each of us as individuals.

Thanks for reading,
Bret Scher MD FACC

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