Number of obese people in China surpasses the US – here’s why

The number of obese people in China has now surpassed that of the US. This is a massive problem for the country, as obesity is linked to lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Dr. Jason Fung talks about the likely reasons behind this disaster in the TV interview above.

CCTV America: Inside & Out: Number of Obese Population in China Surpasses the US

The main culprit is likely that people are swapping the traditional Chinese diet for junk food, as the availability of the latter has grown with China’s economic development.

So a big part of the solution is to go back to eating less processed carbs and instead focus on real food.


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  1. tushar agarwal
    sir in keto diet what we prefer total carb count or actual carb which is total carb-fiber please suggest me
  2. Ansive
    It's sad just how much he has to dumb down the message just to get it across and not sound like a rebel.
    And then the constant interruptions...

    A fast lane society.

  3. Jeroen
    Give the man a hug!

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