“Now sugar is the bad guy”


Is fat or sugar the enemy when it comes to overcoming heart disease?

Last week, we wrote about an episode at CBC Radio that examined this question. Now it’s time for part 2, featuring experts such as Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz and Dr. David Ludwig.

First, fat was the dietary bad guy. We were warned back in the 1980s to cut back on eggs, meat and full-fat dairy to avoid heart disease. So we started eating more bread, rice and pasta and fat-free snacks. But we got sicker and fatter. Now sugar is the bad guy. Contributor Jill Eisen explores the complex, and sometimes contradictory, science of nutrition — and tries to find clarity amidst the thicket of studies and ambiguous research.

Listen to the program:

CBC Radio: Fat or Sugar, Part 2


“The Government’s Carb-Heavy Healthy Eating Guide Could Be Causing Obesity”

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