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Over 190,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on low carb.

Here are new amazing stories from the people who’ve taken the challenge:


Thank you for the low-carb challenge.

I found it doable and the food was delicious and filling. This is the first time I have not felt hungry whilst on a diet. I followed the advice to stop eating when satiated so it took me 3 weeks to eat food on the 2-week menu plan. I dropped 3 kg (7 lbs), my clothes are loose, my fasting blood sugar levels are down and so is my blood pressure. I look forward to seeing what my HbA1c is next time it is tested.

An added bonus is that my husband is enjoying the food too so I don’t have to prepare two separate meals. It will be interesting to see if it helps with his depression or not.

Thank you again. I will be continuing with this for as long as my body desires and requires it.



It’s been a really mixed experience for me. My husband is a type one diabetic and it’s been great for him. His numbers have flattened out and it appears that he is losing weight, though he doesn’t step on the scale. Both he and my kids love all the meals.

I, on the other hand, haven’t lost at all. I’ve been very committed to the diet. I just don’t feel good. I have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep once I do. I have restless legs at night. I wake up exhausted and I just don’t feel right. I was going to experiment with cutting out the dairy. I’m not sure what else to do. I generally do the intermittent fasting By not eating breakfast. Truthfully, it’s easy because I’m not hungry. If you have any ideas I’m all ears.

Feeling a bit hopeless.


Good morning!

The first week of the challenge I purchased everything on the shopping list. But when it came to enjoying it, I fell short, although I did enjoy a couple things and continue to use them. I love eggs, they have been a staple for me. The second week I did not purchase anything from the shopping list. I have continued the program however, just using the recipes to gauge what I should be purchasing/eating. Three meals a day was too much for me. I did not lose any weight. So last week I started a fasting period (16:8). I still haven’t lost any weight. I don’t have much weight to lose, maybe 15-20 pounds (7-9 kg) (I lost 30 pounds –
14 kg last year).

I feel the LCHF way of eating is right for me, it is something I can maintain and be happy with food. I’ve tried about all other avenues. The 30 pounds (14 kg) I lost last year were on a meal replacement shake. At the end of the shake period I was having diarrhea every day, pushed my 20 mg of Nexium up to 40 mg (and later started taking antacids several times a day on top of the Nexium), and eventually had an endoscopy/colonoscopy that ended in “no issues”. So I had to do something different. With the LCHF I immediately improved the diarrhea. Have stopped the extra antacids. I hope to stop the Nexium soon.

I probably need to start macro counting to determine how much fat I am eating or need to eat. But that proves complicated when you are home cooking everything. I just don’t know how to count those macros when I’m fixing everything myself or preparing meals from scratch.

I believe I’ll keep with this. But I really, really want to lose the weight and so far have not been successful with that. I am working my way through the videos and hope to get more out of those. I have been successful limiting my carb intake. I have totally eliminated grains, sugar, starchy vegetables, and most fruits. Not even tried them once during this 2-3 week period. So if I am getting to many carbs, its residual ones that show up in carrots, broccoli, etc.

Right now I am having 3-4 eggs with a couple slices of bacon for lunch, although today I had a whole avocado instead.


I have enjoyed reading and making many of your recipes. I have lost next to no weight but maybe have interpreted some of the ideas incorrectly. Worst loss is fruit and baked potatoes!

I am borderline type 2 and feel it is worth pursuing this regime. The videos are good but sometimes a little brain washy which takes away their clinical strengths.

First, you say peanuts are no go, then eat only a limited number. Mixed messages. Have you ever tried to find any commercial tomato sauce with no added sugar?

Cramp, constipation and dizziness are all symptoms difficult to fix without feeling like something sweet to keep you alive! Psyllium alone is not sufficient.

Otherwise it is doable even going out. Nobody really notices if you don’t eat the carbs but eat all the salad and protein.

Thanks for trying to help people like me,


The hardest part is preparing meals, its really hard after a 13-hour day to cook and prepare meals for the next day, it seemed to work, I lost 4 lbs (2 kg) in the first week then kind of gave up in week 2 because of time constraints – if I do the diet without cooking at silly times in the evening it would be brilliant. I do feel however that I need to redo the two-week challenge when I can actually prepare meals.



I really loved it and so did my family. The recipes were great, there was only one that we didn’t like and that was because I am not too fond of white fish.

It was great knowing what I am cooking for tea and then what I am having for dinner the following day. Usually we would get home from work, cook very boring basic meals or grab take away. The day time was usually at a small café.

I saved money and time.

I have signed up for more info and especially recipes.


Hi Andreas,

I took the two-week challenge with low-carb diet.
My food was: eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, chicken, veggies: spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, MCT oil, flax seed oil, butter, coffee with 33% whipping cream, tea, water, chilly from Tim Hortons. And… not much happened. May 13 – weight is 79.4 kg (175 cm), May 27 – 78.0 kg (172 lbs) and now 78.5 kg (173 lbs). Not many carbs ( I don’t like to count), but the ketone level was 1.1 on May 22 and 0.4 on May 28.

So, whats wrong?


Hi Andreas,

First of all a huge thank you for putting the Diet Doctor website out there. I have been overweight most of my life and have in recent years especially gotten really frustrated with the information (or lack thereof) on nutrition available to the public. Conflicting messages would come out almost every day. I even participated in a university course on nutrition thinking they will have unbiased information that will be helpful. But it basically boiled down to, eat 5 portions of veg and 2 of fruit every day as well as healthy grains. I tried to do that since the beginning of the year (almost 5 months) combined with exercise multiple times a week and my weight did not change.

Then my husband and I heard about keto from a friend and found your website. We have just completed the two-week challenge and both lost almost 3 kg (7 lbs). Most of which in the second week. It feels like having struck gold. The weight is one thing, but not knowing what to do about is far worse! I have already signed up to be a member, and again thank you for providing membership at an acceptable price. Most people cannot afford to spend hundreds on plans.

Going forward, it would be great if there were the same daily emails to make a smooth transition to keep going.

I think also, part of the Sunday preparation before you embark on your first week should be to cook a big batch of bone broth. I picked up cubes from the supermarket and they had sugar in them, so I didn’t want to use them. I didn’t have time during the week to cook so much, so it would have been great to have a bone broth ready.

Another great thing would be if there was a community section where you could find people who are on the same path so you can exchange experiences, recipes and possible product information. Maybe you could even buddy up with someone who lives relatively close to mentor each other.

Hope you are enjoying the Sweedish summer!

All the best from Australia,

I loved how easy the meals were to make and how filling they were!


It was a tough start for the first few days – I ended up losing 15 pounds (7 kg) in 2 weeks and had a couple of off days. I now have a lot more energy and just feel better. I will continue on the low carb diet to continue to lose weight and feel better. Loved the challenge!


The two-week challenge has been great. I realised that the low-carb diet really works. Like I was told, the first week was the most challenging, but after the first week, I felt better. I was no longer feeling weak. Above all, I did not feel hungry anymore, and so it was easier to continue. I lost 4 kilos (9 lbs) after the challenge. I wish to continue with it till my weight-loss goal is accomplished. It feels good to gain some control over excessive carbohydrate and sugar intake. I hope it continues to work for me.

My little concern however, is to know whether I could continue with this diet during pregnancy, since I know that carbohydrates really adds nothing to a child’s growth and development. Supposing I get pregnant, how can I utilise this diet in making sure that I do not gain excess baby weight?

Also can the many meat and eggs I take affect my kidneys? This is because I learnt that taking too much meat affects the function of the kidneys. I hope that I could get answers to these questions, but this diet plan is great, and we appreciate you for making it known to some of us out there.


Hi Diet Doctor,

Thank you so much for the low-carb challenge. I didn’t lose any weight but I am glad that I have started a new way of eating I feel more healthy though I am disappointed by the results.

Thank you,

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