1. Steve
    Wow. He spends close to 20 minutes bashing pop science, but then cautions us of the danger of not accepting "consensus science" like man made global warming and totally completely safe vaccines.

    This is what they do... They see that they can't stop people from finally waking up to the dangerous and fabulously profitable public policies, like low fat diets and "healthy whole grains", so now they will do limited hang outs like this but then assure us that, pinky swear, the BS we're pedaling about AGW is totally the truth.

  2. Christoph
    Watched it the day it was uploaded. Absolutely agree.
    I find it a bit worrying thinking about the tobacco stuff and comparing it to sugar and global warming. I have no doubt that it will take quite some time until we finally get away from this "sugar is okay" - nonsense and all the "global warming isn't real" - bullsh*t and finally create a healthier and cleaner environment for our children. Finding a way to get rid of these conflict of interests in funding would be step 1 I guess...
  3. Nola

    The link if you want to watch this episode in Australia

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