It’s not about calories – Asian children face “skyrocketing” obesity and lack of nutrients!


Here’s another sad example of why obesity is NOT about calories. Asian countries face skyrocketing obesity in kids – at the same time that kids in the same countries suffer an epidemic of malnutrition leading to stunted growth.

VOA News: Asian Children Face Hunger and Obesity

So how can there be problems of too many calories at the same time as there are too few calories? In the same countries? While not technically impossible it’s hard to believe.

The solution is that it’s not really about calories, primarily. It’s about food quality. The report has it right:

The main reason for the food problems, the report says, is there is more “junk” food available, food that does not provide nutrition. Another problem is drinks with high sugar or high trans-fat, but low nutritional value.

We don’t need less food for our kids, we need better food.


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