‘The Noakes trial’ not quite finished after all


Professor Tim Noakes

A few weeks ago, Professor Tim Noakes was found innocent after a three-year-long trial. Now it appears the fight may go on for even longer, as the HPCSA has appealed the verdict:

So, the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) has appealed the not guilty verdict for Prof Tim Noakes. His lawyers are furious and up for the fight ahead. Noakes is “strangely elated”. He says that it will “allow the exposure of much about which the South African public would otherwise have remained ignorant”.

Perhaps the description “witch hunt” is appropriate. Three years in court should be more than enough for people who are only interested in justice and truth.

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  1. Diann
    Goodness! Just shows how scared they are folks will learn the truth about the Science!
  2. Peter
    A 3 years trial is more than enough for something that should have been a slapped wrist at worst.

    To continue this after such a humiliating defeat shows not only the vehemence that HPCSA obviously hold for Tim Noakes but also a degree of shear stupidity.

  3. Jennifer Bowerman
    HPCSA is tantamount to criminal in its misuse of funds and the court system to pursue its antiquated and obviously personal agenda. The organization needs to be shut down.

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