Noakes Hearing to Continue in 2016

The Church of Dietetics HPCSA hearing against Professor Noakes that was originally scheduled for June and postponed to November did not manage to finish in time. Thus it will continue next year – February 8 until February 17.

Much ado about a tweet.

news24: Noakes hearing to continue in 2016


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  1. I really hope that Prof. Tim Noakes eventually gets to present his scientific findings, but the way that the HPCSA is conducting their hearing, I get the very distinct impression that they really don't want to hear anything other than the conventional advice that they already believe in.
  2. Apicius
    The Church of Dietetics......hahahahahahaha! Laugh out loud funny!
  3. Robert Simms @rsimms007
    And while Nero (strike that) HPCSA fiddles, The Noakes Foundation is getting boots on the ground in less affluent communities. When I read the description of the 'Eat Better South Africa!' program, I felt that this could be a model for community empowerment around the world, and hard to ignore.

    Fund-raising site:

    Recent News Article:

    A bit more detail:

    Also, hear it from Prof Tim Noakes in this interview (at about 33 min)

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