No lowering of cardiovascular death rates, in spite of intensive lipid treatment


Does intensive drug treatment of cholesterol levels lower the risk of death, compared to less intensive treatment? Not according to a review of the science. The slide above was shown at the recent American College of Cardiology conference, as tweeted by a Yale cardiologist.

This is the same negative result as shown in the first hard endpoint trial of the super-hyped PCSK9 inhibitors. They did not stop any death from heart disease either, in fact the trend was in the opposite direction.

If even more drugs is not the answer, what is? Perhaps lifestyle modification to reduce metabolic risk factors like low HDL, elevated blood sugars, high blood pressure and excess weight? If so, low carb could be a good option.

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BMJ Editor-in-Chief: Lessons From the Controversy Over Statins

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  1. JJ
    And there is a clear trend after 2005 -2006, when tighter control came to medical trials. No benefit at all!

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