New visitor records!


The number of visitors to just keeps increasing. In January we had over half a million visitors for the month!

Specifically, the number of visitors was 510,000, which is up 153% from the same period last year.

Welcome to all new readers!

Another Record

The original Swedish version of,, broke a new visitor record with over a million visitors,┬ámaking it one of the biggest blogs in Sweden. This English version is growing faster though…


  1. Robbin Hayman
    Congratulations!!! You and the team certainly deserve it for a well-balanced informative site. You are a great help to me and countless others. Thanks=D
  2. Adrian
    Doctor, I know this is the wrong section but I have a question, is the original philadelphia full fat cream chesse a HFLC meal?

    Here's a picture (and what it contains):

    Also, congratulations for this amazing website. I feel part of this.

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  3. Zepp
    Yes its seems to be a good chream cheese, 24% fat.

    But its not a meal.. its to your meal, try those whit herbs to your steak/beef!

  4. Adrian
    Sorry, my bad, I didn't mean to be a "meal" but an option to eat with cheese or ham!

    I was in doubt because it contains "sugar" and LCHF says to not consume it.

    Also, the ham here in my country does contain some sugar too (because it's cured ham)

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  5. Zepp
    Its natural glucose in meat too.. glycogen!

    Dont go bezerk for a few percent.. read labels and chose those brands/pakages thats best.. ad a lot of fat or cream cheese to your ham.

    There are a simple beginners advice.. to not accept more then about 5% carbs in ham and such products.

    Its more about to eat less carbs.. not no carbs, becuse thats imposible.

    There are carbs in almoste everything.. in some its natural, in others its to make the food cheaper.. eat natural foods.

    And you can eat all your carbs as sugar if you prefer that.. but then its no space for veggies.. and then you need to take vitamine pills instead!

    You can eat some pound/kilo of lettuce/spinach and others for 10-20 grams of carbs.. but one seldome eat pounds/kilos of veggies!

    I do think that those 3% sugar is lactose.. the natural content of sugars in milk?

    Soo it seems to be an all natural product.. nothing strange added?

  6. Adrian
    These are the ingredients:

    And from their website: "The basic ingredients are: milk, cream and stabilisers. Sometimes there are other added ingredients such as garlic and herbs or chives."

    What do you think?

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  7. Wolfstriked
    Congrats doc Andreas!!!
  8. Zepp
    Take notice about that last.. its "light cream cheese", and look at the ingrediens list, they have added a lot of things just to make it look like cream cheese!

    Dont eat such junk.. if one is afraid of fat or need to make a calorie reduction.. eat less of the real thing!

  9. Sheryah
    WOW, congratulations Doc! - Keep up the good work. We do appreciate it...
  10. JanC
    Thank you for all your hard work, and for enabling people to get together and exchange views about the subject generally. Not everyone follows a very strict low-carb diet, but all the information people add to the comments is interesting, knowledgeable and useful.
  11. Jan
    I think the message that eating real food for your health and living the low carb, high fat, moderate protein lifestyle is spreading as we all strive to keep the great news forever moving forward.

    2014 is definitely going to be a good year

    All the best Jan

  12. Peter
    Congratulations! You helped me loosing weight, feeling very very good and you deliver interesting things nearly all day. You help the world getting healthier :)
  13. Daci
    Congrats Dr. Andreas!
    Word is getting out...And more bad news for big sugar:

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