New survey: Intermittent fasting, paleo and low carb are the most popular diets


The tides are clearly turning in favor of real-food no-nonsense ways of eating, as demonstrated by a new survey about Americans’ eating habits. One third of the population is currently following some sort of diet, and the three most popular ones are intermittent fasting, paleo and low carb.

But the good news don’t stop there. More and more people are also waking up to the problems with sugar:

Those surveyed considered sugar the top calorie-related culprit of weight gain, followed by carbohydrates, cited by 25 percent of respondents — up 5 percentage points compared with 2017, and a record for the 13-year survey.

Intermittent fasting


Low carb


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  1. Karen
    I am 144 days sugar free. Gluten free. Down 34 pounds consuming a moderate low carb high fat lifestyle.
    Thank you Diet Doctor.
  2. Denise
    Every time I start this low carb diet, I get kidneys stones can I do this diet with less meat? More vegetables?
    Reply: #4
  3. Denisetoo
    Denise- do research about oxylates. Don't eat spinach and other foods high in oxylate, and you'll do much better. Good luck!
  4. Nina
    Denise. The cure is more water :-)

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