New study: Any degree of brown rice processing increases blood sugar and insulin


Any type of rice will raise your blood sugar and the fat-storing hormone insulin levels quite a bit. But white rice is even worse.

A new study nicely demonstrates that even minor polishing of brown rice substantially increases the speed by which it is absorbed, resulting in higher blood glucose and insulin levels. Maybe that’s why diabetes type 2 is an absolute epidemic in India and China today, where a lot of white rice is consumed.

Asia Pac J Clin Nutr: Even minimal polishing of an Indian parboiled brown rice variety leads to increased glycemic responses

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  1. josef
    what happend if i cold the rice the eat? its the same response?


  2. Paul Cade
    I have a friend that is Type 1 and he tells me that if he eats steamed or boiled white rice it spikes his blood sugar very quickly, BUT, if he eats fried rice it doesn't ??

    I have a theory that it is because the oil coats the rice and stops it being digested so quickly, what do you think ??

    Many Thanks.

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  3. Adrienne
    Exactly...the fat in the fried rice will slow down the carb absorption.
  4. Christine Chance Lemaire
    Logical. My husband is Newly - Diagnosed type2. The "Dreaded 3HR Grocery tour" & the TRIPLING of it's bill brought the realization: AVOID PROCESSED- we're byproducts of our DIETS. Luck2U
  5. Jeff
    Look up on the internet about rice and resistant starch. There have been studies done on making starch in rice less digestible by cooking it with oil .
  6. donna
    i like to rinse the rice in cold water b4 cooking to remove excess startch wondering if it helps
  7. Kate
    Need to checkout about controls inthe research. Japanese also eat a lotvof rice. In fact, all aisians are rice-eayers. Most of asian people are slimp. Aisan countries have much less diabetes than western countries. The scientists whoever dod this research should chevk again Perhaps, a good control or analysis is needed.
  8. Paco
    If you cook white rice make sure to rinse with hot water 3times to remove starch before cook .
    May help to lower carb
  9. Paco
    Cinnamon ,persley, bitter cola, garlic help lower blood sugar
  10. Christina Walsh
    China and India are HUGE consumers thesedays of Western Fast Foods; eg, Mc Donalds, Burger King, KFC. Coca~Cola etc. That's the REAL driver of obesity there, NOT a bowl or two of rice a day!
  11. Christina Walsh
    Paco..That's resistant starch..actually good for you! Chill the rice in fridge for an hour then reheat and eat :)
  12. Pierre
    Rice does not belong to a low carb diet.
  13. gbl
    Wait a minute...did Asians 100 yrs ago have skyrocketing Diabetes 2? Do those living in very poor areas show this, or only those in cities; and what is the effect of western foods in their diet, type and amount. Is this the very poor who work hard physical labour and can't afford much food, or is this city people who are over-eating compared to their poorer harder working country folk.

    Bad study.

  14. gbl
    (edit function not working)

    And are they eating the older varietals of rice, or newer hybrids, even perhaps, those developed by American and western food corporations, which are flooding into Asia and replacing traditional foods?

  15. DJ
    Despite massive rice intake, India and China had no diabetes until the introduction of the Western diet. It was 2% less than 20 years ago. Now it's around 10% and climbing. The Kempner rice diet actually eliminates sugar resistance. Fats and muscle protien cause the pancreas to shut down insulin production in order to produce digestive enzymes causing the spikes. Actually do some research and Then get your facts straight.
  16. Sl
    I read somewhere that if we keep rice in the fridge right after cooking for few hours or a day then it becomes more complex carb and starch gets harder and better and doesn't spike blood sugar that easily. I may be wrong .
  17. LK
    Andreas has already addressed the question of why Asian rice eaters are thin.

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