New op-ed: The New Canada Food Guide needs to change in accordance with science


Too much is at stake when it comes to the current health crisis, to simply continue to promote obsolete and ineffective advice, argues a new op-ed in Vancouver Sun. The upcoming Canadian dietary guidelines – the first update in 10 years – can’t keep promoting a low-fat diet:

Vancouver Sun: Opinion: New Canada Food Guide: Why we must get it right this time


The current health crisis and Canada’s food guide

Hundreds of Canadian doctors demand an end to the low-fat nutrition dogma

Dietary guidelines


  1. Brenda Janes
    Agree's time to get it right!
  2. Hanna
    Of course I do agree that it is high time to get things right. Just wonder sometimes why till relatively recent time in 1970 there were no food guidelines to follow and people knew what to eat.

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