New op-ed: Congress, stop government from dishing out bad dietary advice

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The government needs to stop promoting the failed advice to eat less and exercise more, if they want to get serious about halting the unprecedented epidemics of diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease, argues Ben Greenfield in a new op-ed. He’s completely right:

Aerobic exercise and low-fats diets have been tested in multiple clinical trials on tens of thousands of Americans, but neither method has ever successfully been shown to be effective for helping people meaningfully lose weight.

The Hill: Congress, stop government from dishing out bad dietary advice

Dietary guidelines


New op-ed: The New Canada Food Guide needs to change in accordance with science

New study: Isn’t low carb superior for weight loss?


  1. Anne
    Sadly, I feel this very rational suggestion will be buried by the gun lobby etc... The latest school shooting is "too important"
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  2. Marijke
    Omg, Anne, what a "horrible thing to say"!
  3. John
    Since when is the gun lobby responsible for the actions of a lunatic?
  4. JEY
    USDA aims to add transparency to the Dietary Guidelines.
    Opportunity for public comment, details and link in this article.

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