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  • Keto for beginners: Introduction
  • Keto for beginners: What to eat?
  • Keto for beginners: Weight loss
  • Keto for beginners: Side effects
  • Keto for beginners: 7 steps to ketosis
  • How to maximize fat burning
  • Keto for beginners: How it works
  • Keto for beginners: In ketosis?
  • Keto for beginners: Health effects
  • Keto for beginners: Top mistakes
  • The top 5 tips to make fasting easier
  • The top 5 myths of fasting
  • The most common questions
  • Breakfast! Is it really that important?
  • Let's Get Moving #1: Intro
  • The 5 common mistakes on LCHF
  • Part 1 of eating keto with Kristie: Introduction
  • Let's get moving #4: Lunges
  • Part 2 of eating keto with Kristie: Build a keto plate
  • Let's Get Moving #2: Walking
  • What is sugar addiction?
  • Let's Get Moving #3: Squats
  • Part 8 of Dr. Jason Fung's diabetes course
  • The essential problem with type 2 diabetes
  • Who benefits from eating LCHF?
  • Don't act on false emotions
  • How to avoid relapse
  • How to quit sugar
  • How to get started on freeing yourself from sugar addiction
  • Side effects and how to handle them
  • LCHF the right way
  • How to fast - the different options
  • Part 3 of eating keto with Kristie: Know your portion sizes
  • How to reverse type 2 diabetes
  • It's not about willpower
  • The 7 benefits of fasting
  • How to reach long-term recovery
  • The 3 stages of sugar addiction
  • Let's Get Moving #6: Push-ups
  • The power of a 7-day fast
  • Who are the best patients?
  • Let's Get Moving #5: Hip thrusters
  • Why low-fat diets don't work — Dr. Jason Fung's diabetes course
  • What about cholesterol?
  • Diet & diabetes – how to normalize your blood sugar
  • Are you addicted to sugar?
  • Explaining low carb in a simple way
  • Part 7 of Dr. Jason Fung's diabetes course
  • How to get started with fasting
  • Insulin toxicity — Dr. Jason Fung's diabetes course
  • How to motivate people
  • Polite intros to discuss obesity
  • Tips for eating out - part 5 of eating keto with Kristie
  • One day in a sugar addict's life
  • A disease of insulin resistance
  • Why don't all doctors like low carb?
  • Diabetes medications
  • How many teaspoons of sugar are in your food?
  • Common problems and trouble shooting
  • Blood-pressure medications

See the full video course with a free one month trial.

See the full video course with a free one month trial.

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