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Personalized meal plans

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Full access to 1200+ recipes

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Tracking and progress

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Get expert guidance with our evidence-based weight loss programs. Choose 2, 5, or 10 weeks and go step by step.

Programs that work

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Our pros share their best tips for getting started, navigating social situations, handling common challenges, and so much more.

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Access all of our movies, presentations, documentaries, and video courses on topics from sugar addiction to keto for beginners.

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Simplify the grocery store! The right amounts of all the ingredients for your DD recipes auto-update as you adjust servings and recipes.

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No, unfortunately not. We don’t accept advertising money, so we are supported by our members. The premium content in Diet Doctor Plus is created and maintained by our hard-working team. They make the programs, videos, community, recipes, app, and site as trustworthy, simple, and inspiring to use as possible. There is no charge if you cancel within the trial period. If you wish to keep your Diet Doctor membership after your free trial, your billing information is stored so that the account can convert with no service interruption.