New keto book: Eat Rich, Live Long


If you are new to low-carb or keto eating and unsure of how to formulate the diet properly, then here’s an excellent new book by Ivor Cummins and Dr. Jeffry Gerber (two real experts) that will help you get started.

Millions of people have gotten healthy through low-carb plans over the years—and a growing number have discovered the wonderful benefits of ketogenic (Keto) nutrition. Many are confused, though, about how low-carb they should go. Now, Eat Rich, Live Long reveals how mastering the low-carb/Keto spectrum can maximize your weight loss and optimize your health for the long term.

Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity

Want to find out more? Dr. Jeffry Gerber, one of the authors, is interviewed about the book in the clip here.

Videos with Ivor Cummins and Dr. Jeffry Gerber


  1. Jerri davis
    How much does eat rich live long cookbook cost?
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  3. Tere j
    I have had great success on the keto lifestyle
  4. Tweety Pears
    I've been on a strict low carb Keto diet for two years now and no meds, no illness, no cancer, feel better than I've ever felt in my entire life! Went from 162 lbs to 118 in the first four months and didn't notice it until one day I pulled on my pants zipped them and they promptly fell to my ankles! That's when I came to the realization that I was healthier and more active and felt phonomenal and I haven't looked back or stopped since. I just had my 74th Birthday this month! So please, don't tell me how dangerous Keto is until you've tried it for yourself! The people telling you it's dangerous want to keep you sick, sick people are their cash cow! Stop being the medical field's personal bank!
  5. Jose Caro
    I start my diet 7 junuary 2018 in 231 pounds, at February eight I drop 32 pounds. Today 3-11-18 total drop is 51 pounds. Cero carbs,CERO!!! Not sugar neither
  6. no fuss gus
    right on tweety pears!! have been on strict low carb keto for 69 days and have lost 27lbs and 4 waist sizes. am 57 years old and havent felt this good in 20 years.
  7. Darrell O'Brien
    I went on the keto Diet as soon as I was told I had type 2 Diabetes. Less than 6 months on the diet I got my A1c down to 5.2 and my Doctor has taken me off my medication.
  8. David Clemente
    I just completed my 4th week on the Kenogenic diet. I've lost 12lb's feel more energetic and require less sleep. The Kenogenic diet is absolutely the best science based diet for healthy living and wieght loss. Honestly I like to refer to it as a lifestyle rather than a diet. The Kenogenic (Keno) Lifestyle is awesome.
  9. Tom Clayton, MD
    You are going to have to do better than just make a proclamation. Heart disease was known about but rarely diagnosed in the 19th century in older patients in particular where most people ate meat and vegetables with very little refined carbs (meaning sugar) and no highly processed oils. Low carb ketogenic diets are what we need to reverse the disaster known as low fat high carb diets.
    My doctor is totally in support of my ketogenic lifestyle. I have lost 54 lbs since September 10, 2 clothing sizes and have gone from prediabetic to not! Rechecking my lipids next month and expect they will have improved also. My knees no longer hurt and I no longer waddle. I feel better than I have in years. I am seldom hungry. I was vegan for a couple of years, was always hungry and felt awful. I'll stick with keto thank you very much.
  11. Liz
    Hmmm I gained 88 pounds plant based and lost 110 in a year on keto. My blood pressure and cholesterol are the best they have ever been in my life. I’d say keto is extremely healthy.
  12. Franci
    Been on keto since January. As of today I've lost 20 pounds and only 7 pounds to go until my goal. I feel great. Have energy. All my numbers are good. And I don't overeat because I feel full all the time.
  13. Bubble
    Thanks to keto I've brought my A1c down from 10.1 to 6.6. Also finally won a 4 year long battle with an ulcer on my toe which just wouldn't heal until I started keto. I've lost 23 pounds in 4 months but that's just a bonus, I'm so thrilled with my A1c! It's never been that low since I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 25 years ago.
  14. Susan
    I started the keto diet on February 24th, and today I weigh 15 pounds less. All I have done is change my eating habits. Once I start working out I will lose more weight. I am down a pant size as well.
  15. Dale
    I have lost 30 pounds on my Keto lifestyle change. My cholesterol did increase, but I know what to adjust to remedy that. No carbs has changed my life. I went from an approaching size 16 at 4'11" to an approaching size 8. I am seldom hungry and I incorporate fasting as well and I feel great. Don't believe the low fat high carb diets it is a sham.
  16. Ev Vos
    I'd rather eat the way I want and die at 70 than to give up all the foods I enjoy and live to 100 and be miserable. Since I'm a 56 yr adult I have the ability to continue doing just that
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  17. Jillian Zacharias
    But you cant have alcohol at your whole social life and winding down after work is over. No thanks .. i like to eat healthy...bur i also know ALL of our time on this earth is limited ... how do y'all do wine tasting in napa? Or a good margarita in Mexico
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  18. Kimbra
    Ev Vos I had never heard anybody say that before. I am cracking up because thst how I actually feel. Imam practicing intermittent fasting but to give up fruit an apple, blue berries and the upcoming summer fruits...... Yikes- No carbs ....well I’m just going to keep healthy the best I know how. I want to live a healthy and happy life. Thanks for your post. I’m still laughing.
  19. Sylvia
    You can have alcohol. I'm having a nice big Jim Beam on the rocks right now.
  20. KC
    Started keto Jan 2017 at the same time I cold turkied my metformin and crestor. Went from 225 to 165
    Easily in six months. Sitting easy at 170, my original goal was 175 that came and went to 165.
    Went from 165 to 170 because I'm working out so I gained a few back but I've stayed at 170 now
    For nine months. A1c is down to 5.7 with no meds and after having a sonogram my arteries are wide open, zero blockage quoted by the results. I'm a 55 year old male. Also gone are about five side effects the medication was causing. And like Sylvia I enjoy a gin and lime Calistoga over ice beverage.
  21. Dale Haney
    I'm type 2 diabetic, and my blood sugar is at 350, I have a hard time staying away from bad carbs, how do people stay away from these carbs for long periods of times.
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  22. Tim C.
    Have tried a variety of "diets" to try and drop some weight. Started keto Jan 1st and both my lady and I have dropped about 8% body weight... I was at 260 and am around 240 now. Most significantly for me, my triglycerides are the lowest they have been in 12 years! I struggled with those being on the extreme high end of the scale... Annual threats from the Doc to put me on meds...and in the 2 1/2 months after changing to keto, the triglycerides are in the low-mid portion of the acceptable range and the "bad" cholesterol has dropped as well. Unbelievable!!!
  23. Monica
    Dale Haney I've been Keto for 2 years and from only my experience, I find that eating any higher glycemic food, including fruit, trigger cravings in me. I have a 2 year history of loosing weight and now 10 months for staying at an ideal weight for my height. Not buying the stuff that raises your blood sugar too high is the # 1 thing you must do. Its tough I know, but if your buying it, your telling yourself something in the store. Like "thats ok to buy" meanwhile you know you can't control yourself with that product. Greek yoghurt is ok for some folks. But not for me. I have had more than a few excursions with this product. I can't control myself. So now I don't buy it. Planning is very important. Diet doctor has meal plans so that you can buy what you need and have that in the house. After two years I have my favourites just like when I was a sugar burner. I love making a healthy taco. There is no look alike product for me. I make the ground beef with chili pepper etc and split 5-7 miniature pepper in half and stuff them with the ground beef, top with cheese and bake for about 10 minutes and eat them with Creme Fresh (high fat sour cream). I usually have a salad with that and use my own home made salad dressing. Diet doctor has a lot of recipes. I really enjoy chicken drumsticks dusted with psyllium husks ands baked in the oven for one hour. Turn them at 30 minutes. Mix up a batch of blue cheese dressing. Devine! Again a salad but sometimes I use my own homemade mayo. Recipe from the website the Charlie Foundation. I could go on but getting 7-14 recipes you can rotate is the key. When I was a sugar burner I did have the same 10 or so recipes I used mostly. Occasionally something different. But studies show that most people rotate the same ones over and over. Hope that helps. Good luck with your blood sugars.
  24. Precious Honey
    You just do it. Is that cookie worth your toe? That piece of bread so good you can ignore the diabetic ulcer on your heel? The limp you have because your foot was amputated? I like my toes more than pie. Go look at images of diabetic feet and read obesity code by Jason Fung then stop eating what you know is bad for you and reverse your type 2 diabetes
  25. Veronica
    Doesn't eating meat increase risk for heart disease by 50% though?
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  26. Bernard
    Keto has worked for me. I've lost 25 lbs in 3 months. And you can still drink hard liquor, but you don't need very much to feel buzzed. I also still occasionally drink red wine, but sparingly.
  27. Pete Williams
    62 years old have been on keto for two months. Down from 220 to 185 lbs. Target is 175. All of my numbers were best ever at last doctor visit and my type 2 medications were all cut in half with discussion to stop altogether at next visit. I have shared a bottle of wine twice in this time period with a daughter while visiting. I eat strawberriescand blueberries about every other day. I have started walking at start and end of each day taking one day off a week. Work out arms lightly each night and chest two times a week trying to tighten up the loose skin I have created. I feel and look great. I am seeing muscle in my stomach that I havent seen since I was in my early twenties. All of this information is available on youtube. Read a Jason Fung book. Forget about what you have been taught in the past. Knowledge is power.
  28. Pete Williams
    Go to youtube and look up Dr Jason Fung. Watch a few and see the science behind fasting to understand your body then look up keto diet and watch some of those where they will address your question. I use a combination of both and my cholesterol is best it has been since I started taking meds thirty years ago. I dont eat anything that is low fat. Doc cut my statin in half last month and said we well stop all together if i keep moving in the same direction.
  29. Tom Clayton, MD
    Incorrect. Eating meat, butter, and cheese is associated with a LOWER rate of heart disease. Low fat high carb diets are associated with an increase in heart disease.
  30. Julie hearrell
    Do you cut out wine on keto?
  31. John Dozier
    Everything in moderation is a whole lot easier when keto is your woe. I ate keto for 5 months a little over a year ago. It easily took me from 230 to 185. I am 6 feet tall. I am 60 y.o. I then began cheating here and there because I felt so good and self confident. Long story short I wound up falling completely off Keto and gained all the weight back and began feeling sick again. Hit another bottom 11 days ago and went back Keto. 11 days later I've lost 9 pounds already and am feeling better. Lesson learned.
  32. Gentiann
    If eating the way you want, whatever that means, makes you diabetic, you'll be miserable anyway .
    No matter how long you live, you want to enjoy these years being healthy, not facing blindness and amputation.
    In short : Eat the way you want as long that you stay healthy.

    "I'd rather eat the way I want and die at 70 than to give up all the foods I enjoy and live to 100 and be miserable. Since I'm a 56 yr adult I have the ability to continue doing just that"

  33. Gentiann
    You can have alcool or wine on a keto diet.
    Just stay away from sugary stuff.

    But you cant have alcohol at your whole social life and winding down after work is over. No thanks .. i like to eat healthy...bur i also know ALL of our time on this earth is limited ... how do y'all do wine tasting in napa? Or a good margarita in Mexico

  34. Brian
    I have been eating LCHF for some years and have enjoyed most of the benefits described by so many people. This book ties together so much that I have learned in one easily accessible volume. In addition it has introduced me to a couple of new concepts, hyperinsulinemia and the CAC scan/score. It would seem to me a good idea to establish whether my insulin levels are good and whether I have any significant calcium build up but where can I get these tests in UK? My GP can do a fasting glucose test and is reluctant to do more and is unaware of CAC scans so this seems something of a blind alley.

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